Stepmom’s Vows Bring 4-year-old to Tears: A Heartwarming Wedding Moment

Weddings are always a joyous occasion, filled with love and new beginnings. But the wedding of US Marine Corps sergeant Joshua Newville and Senior Airman Emily Leehan had a truly unforgettable moment that brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

As Leehan began reciting her vows, she had prepared something special for her stepson, 4-year-old Gage. The little boy, overjoyed to see his daddy getting married, clearly approved of his new mom and was excited for their future as a family.

In a touching gesture, Leehan turned to Gage and started reading her vows to him. The emotion in her words was palpable, and everyone in attendance couldn’t help but melt at her heartfelt speech.

But it was Gage’s reaction that stole the show. As he listened to his stepmother’s words, tears started rolling down his cheeks and he tightly wrapped his arms around her.

Leehan told Gage, “I want you to be safe, and to try your hardest and to be a good person.” She comforted him, saying, “Don’t cry, baby,” as she noticed the overwhelming emotions he was experiencing.

She continued, “The last thing I hope you learn is that you are a special boy. You are so extremely smart, handsome, and kind to others. You have helped shape me into the woman that I am today, and I may not have given you the gift of life, but life surely gave me the gift of you.”

After sharing this touching moment, the couple proceeded with their vows. Despite their memorable and emotional ceremony, the newlyweds, both on active duty, had to postpone their honeymoon as they had to return to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst.

To witness the heartwarming moment shared between this stepmom and stepson, watch the video below.

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