My Husband Asked Me on Thanksgiving Why I Don’t Dance for Him After Work

A woman was taken aback when her husband asked her why she didn’t dance for him after work, right in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Her response to his question was equally shocking.

When Frustrations Come to Light

In a relationship, frustrations can sometimes build up over the division of responsibilities. This was the case for a woman who unexpectedly found herself sharing her feelings during a family holiday dinner. She took to Reddit to ask if she was in the wrong.

According to the Original Poster (OP), she and her husband had been married for six years and were busy raising their three children while also managing their careers.

The Thanksgiving Conversation

During one Thanksgiving gathering at the OP’s in-laws’ home, the brother-in-law brought up his girlfriend’s habit of dancing for him. He mentioned that she would dance for him every night after her Zumba class. This story sparked interest among the men at the table while the women rolled their eyes.

Little did the OP expect that her husband would suddenly turn the conversation towards her.

A Shocking Response

Out of the blue, the woman’s husband threw down his fork and asked her, “Hey Jess! Why can’t you dance for me when you come home every night like (BIL’s girlfriend’s name) does?”

The woman was taken aback by the question and initially thought it was a joke. But when she saw everyone’s eyes on her, she lost her cool. She responded by listing her daily routine: cooking, cleaning, taking care of the kids, doing dishes, putting the baby to sleep, and tidying up the bathroom and bedroom. She was a nurse by profession and already exhausted from work, and coming home to a messy house made her even more tired. “What a terrible wife I must be not to find time to dance,” she added sarcastically.

The Husband’s Reaction

The husband, along with everyone else at the table, was shocked by the woman’s outburst. The room fell into an awkward silence until the sister-in-law’s husband lightened the mood by joking about the situation.

In contrast, the OP’s husband turned pale and froze in his seat. He excused himself and left the table, followed closely by the OP.

Dealing with the Fallout

Outside of the dining area, the husband expressed his anger towards the OP, claiming that she had embarrassed him in front of his family and ruined Thanksgiving dinner. They ended up arguing and ultimately left the celebration. The husband blamed his wife for putting him in an awkward position.

Even when they returned home, the tension between them remained. The woman tried to give her husband some space while staying with their children, but she couldn’t shake the guilt over what had happened. Surprisingly, her husband’s stepmother, who didn’t usually like him, admired the woman for standing up for herself. This left the woman conflicted and questioning her actions.

Reddit Community Stands by Her Side

When the OP shared her story on Reddit, she received support from fellow users. Many agreed that her husband had humiliated her by asking such a question in front of his family.

One commenter even pointed out that the husband was likely embarrassed for being called out on not doing his fair share of cleaning up after himself. While the woman’s response may have provided ammunition for family members who already disliked him, it was not her fault.

So, was the woman wrong for answering her husband’s question truthfully in front of everyone? What would you have done in her situation?

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