The Costly Pizza Mistake That Got a Man Kicked Out of the Hospital

In 2015, a shocking incident unfolded at a Rhode Island hospital that left a 33-year-old man, Steven Assanti, without the help he desperately needed. Steven, weighing in at just under 800 pounds, was admitted to the hospital to follow a strict dietary program. But one fateful decision would cost him dearly.

Prior to his hospitalization, Steven had gained attention for his struggles with addiction and his animosity towards skinny people. In 2007, he appeared on Dr. Phil’s House of Hatred, where his eating addiction was broadcast to the world. Nearly a decade later, he featured on the reality show My 600-Lb Life, but unfortunately, he struggled to adhere to the strict diet prescribed by Dr. Nowzaradan and developed a painkiller addiction as well. Consequently, he was removed from the show.

During his three-month stay at the hospital, Steven managed to shed 20 pounds. Eager to celebrate this small victory, he made a grave mistake – he ordered a pizza to his hospital room. Little did he know that this indulgence would lead to his expulsion from the hospital, leaving him and his father without a plan for further assistance.

Reflecting on his actions, Steven admits, “It’s an addiction, and I realize that. And it’s a disease.” His struggle to lose enough weight to qualify for gastric bypass surgery was arduous, and this incident was a harsh reminder of the challenges he faced.

Rumors of Steven’s demise circulated in early 2023. However, his brother, Justin Assanti, who also appeared on My 600-Lb Life, confirmed that Steven is alive and residing in his own apartment. Although Justin does not have direct contact with his brother, he knows that their father speaks to him regularly.

Steven’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the difficulties faced by individuals battling addiction and obesity. It highlights the need for compassion and support rather than judgment and isolation.