Jennifer Aniston Worried About Brad Pitt After Son’s Shocking Allegations

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt may have moved on from their past romance, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still care about each other. Jennifer is reportedly concerned for her ex-husband after his adopted son made shocking allegations about him on social media.

The Instagram post in question was written by Pax Jolie-Pitt, Brad’s adopted son, and was brought to the media’s attention recently. In the post, Pax referred to Brad as a “f*****g awful human being” and expressed his frustrations and feelings towards his adoptive father.

Pax was adopted by Angelina Jolie from an orphanage in Vietnam when he was just three years old. It’s clear that their relationship has had its challenges over the years. The post was made on Father’s Day in 2020, but it has resurfaced, causing distress for Brad.

Brad is reportedly finding it depressing to have these allegations resurface after all these years. A source close to him stated that it’s frustrating to see him being portrayed as a bad person when it’s far from the truth. The insider also mentioned that Brad has great respect for all his children and has chosen to maintain a dignified silence regarding Pax’s post.

In the midst of this situation, it’s been revealed that Jennifer Aniston has been a rock of support for Brad. Despite their tumultuous breakup, they’ve remained in touch and have become good friends. Jennifer’s first thought was how upset Brad must be and she cares deeply about him.

Brad and Angelina are parents to six children, and their well-being is always a top priority for them both. Jennifer, on the other hand, is still grieving the recent loss of her dear friend and Friends co-star, Matthew Perry. The suddenness of his death has been a devastating blow to her.

It’s clear that Jennifer and Brad’s connection goes beyond their past relationship. They have both experienced their share of heartache, and through it all, they have found support in each other.

What are your thoughts on Pax’s Instagram post?