I Came Home and Found My Humiliated Wife Crying behind a Closed Door

One day, a man came home from work to find his wife crying behind a locked bedroom door. Concerned and confused, he asked her to open the door and tell him what happened. Her tearful response shocked and angered him. It turns out, his wife’s wig had been taken by his 16-year-old nieces.

Let’s backtrack a bit to understand the full story. The man’s wife was battling cancer and had lost her hair due to chemotherapy. Like many women, she felt self-conscious about going out in public without her hair. To regain her confidence, she decided to wear a wig that resembled her natural hair. Her husband fully supported her decision.

Meanwhile, the man’s sister, who was going through a tough time after her divorce, asked if she and her twin daughters could live with him. The man, having no reason to refuse, welcomed them into his home.

Unfortunately, his nieces developed a fascination with his wife’s wig. They wanted to play with it, touch it, and even straighten it. But the wife felt uncomfortable without her wig, so she refused to take it off in front of them.

One day, the man returned home to find his wife locked in their bedroom, crying. Frantic, he tried to open the door, but it wouldn’t budge. After repeatedly calling out to his wife, she finally unlocked the door. Tears streaming down her face, she pointed towards the door and exclaimed, “They took away my wig!”

It turns out the nieces had taken the wig and refused to return it unless his wife came out without it. They had even filmed her without her knowledge or consent. This was a heartbreaking and humiliating experience for his wife.

Enraged, the man confronted his nieces in the kitchen. Initially confused, they eventually handed over the wig. He scolded them, explaining that they had humiliated his wife and made her feel even more insecure.

However, his sister and the nieces dismissed it as a prank and accused his wife of overreacting. The man tried to explain the emotional impact their actions had on his wife, but they refused to listen.

Frustrated by their lack of remorse, the man made the decision to ask his sister and nieces to leave his house. They pleaded and cried, but he stood firm in his resolve.

He turned to the “AITA” (Am I The A**hole) forum on Reddit to seek opinions from other users. The majority of commenters supported his decision, stating that the girls’ actions were disrespectful and warranted consequences. They commended him for standing up for his wife and prioritizing her well-being.

In the end, it was clear that the man was not at fault for asking his sister and nieces to leave. Their behavior was unacceptable, and he took the necessary steps to protect his wife from further humiliation.