A Warning That Came True: Paul Harvey’s Prophetic Broadcast

Paul Harvey made this forecast in 1965. Now hear His Terrifying Words…

In 1965, radio commentator Paul Harvey shared a warning with the American people that would prove to be eerily accurate. With a weekly audience of nearly 24 million people over a span of forty years, Harvey’s words held significant influence. Little did anyone know that, 53 years later, his predictions would manifest in reality. Even now, listening to his broadcast sends chills down our spines. In 1965, An Unforgettable Warning Was Broadcasted For All To Hear. 51 Yrs Later, It’s Come True In 1965, An Unforgettable Warning Was Broadcasted For All To Hear. 51 Yrs Later, It’s Come True

Let’s take a look at some excerpts from Harvey’s “if I were the Devil” speech. Back in 1965, he outlined certain issues that we still face today. These words remain incredibly relevant. Harvey’s foresight is truly remarkable.

He begins by saying, “If I were the Devil…”. From there, he delves into a discussion of the challenges we currently confront. Everyone should take the time to hear what Harvey had to say all those years ago, for his insight was spot on.

Throughout his speech, Harvey paints a picture of the Devil’s intricate plan. He describes how the Devil would manipulate and deceive, whispering lies to different groups of people. Harvey even speaks of the Devil’s desire to infiltrate and control the United States. He emphasizes the influence of media, the devaluing of work, and the erosion of morals.

Harvey warns of the Devil’s efforts to replace faith with secularism, corrupt the courts, and undermine our foundational values. He underscores the importance of family and the dangers of division. His words are hauntingly accurate and resonate with the times we currently live in.

Listening to Paul Harvey’s prophetic broadcast is a wake-up call for all of us. His words serve as a reminder of the challenges we face and the importance of staying vigilant. It’s astonishing how accurately he foresaw the direction our society would take.

Take a moment to listen to his speech in the video below. Let us know your thoughts and how it makes you feel. Together, we can strive for a brighter future.