An Unusual Wedding Request Leads to Guest Cancellations

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. From the dress to the venue, there are many things that can be controlled. However, there are some things that are beyond control. One bride had a plan to ensure her wedding day went smoothly, but soon realized not everyone shared her view.

This bride-to-be turned to Reddit to ask for advice. She posted on the popular subreddit ‘AITAH’ (Am I The Asshole) to share her situation. She explained that she and her fiance had sent a list of rules to their wedding guests and were now receiving cancellations.

Before diving into the rules, she wanted to clarify that her fiance was equally involved in creating these rules. They were a team and both enthusiastic about them.

The first rule was an ‘unplugged ceremony.’ Guests were asked to not have their phones with them during the ceremony and dinner, unless it was a ‘huge’ emergency. While guests understood not using phones during the ceremony, they found the rule for dinner a bit excessive. Some guests argued that they needed phones to check on their children who were left at home. However, the bride stood firm, explaining that checking on kids was not an emergency and parents would be informed of any serious situation.

Another rule was a strict color scheme and dress code. Guests were asked to wear only black, and women had to wear dresses while men had to wear tuxedos. There were no exceptions, even for family members who had reasons such as grieving or body dysmorphia. This caused tension and resulted in her bridesmaids threatening to drop out and guests cancelling last minute.

The bride also planned for her maid of honor’s daughter to be the flower girl. However, the bride asked for the girl to be left at a hotel with a babysitter during the ceremony. The maid of honor disagreed and planned to leave her daughter with her grandmother, as the wedding venue was a four-hour drive away.

Despite the bride’s preface about her and her fiance’s equal contribution to the rules and their enthusiasm, many people on Reddit still thought their demands were unreasonable and labeled them as the ‘assholes.’ The consensus was that while couples are entitled to plan their weddings according to their wishes, guests also have the right to opt out if they don’t agree with the rules.

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