13-year-old Boy Saves his Sister from Kidnapper with a $3 Toy

It was an ordinary afternoon when Owen Burns, a 13-year-old boy, heard his sister screaming. At first, he thought she was just goofing around and became annoyed. But when he looked out the window, he was shocked to see a stranger trying to drag his 8-year-old sister towards the woods.

In a matter of seconds, Owen took action. He grabbed his slingshot and found some ammunition – a marble and a rock. Without hesitation, he aimed at the kidnapper and hit him squarely between the eyes. The second shot landed in the kidnapper’s chest. Despite being sworn at and cursed, Owen did not back down. His quick thinking and accurate aim saved his sister from a potentially dangerous situation.

The incident took place at the family’s home in Alpena Township, Michigan. Kidnappings were unheard of in the area, making Owen’s heroic act even more extraordinary. The 17-year-old kidnapper, whose identity was not disclosed, will be charged as an adult.

Lt. John Grimshaw praised Owen’s actions, stating that he believed the young boy had saved his sister from a life-threatening situation. Owen’s brave and selfless act deserves recognition and commendation.

But what was really surprising about this story is the weapon Owen used to stop the kidnapper – a simple slingshot. His mother had bought it on clearance for just $3. Owen would often practice his aim on old orange juice cans in the yard, unknowingly perfecting his skills for this critical moment.

When Owen first saw the kidnapper, he immediately knew the potential danger his sister faced. He realized that she could become a victim of human trafficking or even lose her life. Without a second thought, he reached for his slingshot and fired at the kidnapper, allowing his sister to break free and run home.

The siblings quickly called their mother, who had been on her way home from work. Maggie, their mother, was shocked and couldn’t believe what had happened. But when she arrived home and saw the evidence, she knew her son’s story was true.

The 17-year-old kidnapper was later found hiding at a nearby gas station and was charged with attempted kidnapping, attempted felony assault, and misdemeanor assault and battery. The police confirmed that the injuries sustained by the kidnapper were consistent with slingshot strikes.

Maggie, still in awe of her son’s bravery, admitted that she initially doubted his story. But now, she believes that it’s possible for extraordinary things to happen in real life, just like in the movies.

This heartwarming story showcases the heroic efforts of a big brother protecting his little sister. Let’s share this incredible story with our friends and family to inspire them as well.