A Husband’s Love: Brad’s Invention Changes Liz’s Life

Every day she hears loud noises from the garage, when her hubby's secret is revealed, she's in tears

Brad Soden’s life has been full of challenges and triumphs. As a former United States soldier, he served his country in the first Iraq war. Later, he became a fireman, saving numerous lives. Now, Brad and his wife, Liz, along with their three children, reside in Phoenix, Arizona. They were living the dream until everything changed on that fateful day in 1999.

Brad, Liz, and their kids were in their truck, with Liz behind the wheel, when disaster struck. The left front tire blew out, causing Liz to lose control of the vehicle and veer off the road. Thankfully, their children escaped with minor injuries, but Brad broke his leg. The real tragedy unfolded for Liz when she learned she had broken her back, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.

Devastated by her diagnosis, Liz feared her disability would drive Brad away. However, Brad’s response was both surprising and heartwarming. He knelt down by Liz’s hospital bed and proposed to her. Overwhelmed with love and gratitude, Liz eagerly accepted, and the couple soon tied the knot.

Liz’s journey towards recovery was long and grueling, but her family supported her every step of the way. Adjusting to her new life in a wheelchair was particularly challenging, especially since hiking had been a beloved family activity. Liz made attempts to keep up, but the uneven terrain rendered her wheelchair useless. She could only watch as her family continued without her, leading to heartbroken moments.

Touched by Liz’s tears and determination, Brad resolved to make a change. Drawing inspiration from his time as a maintenance technician in the army, where he worked on tanks, he embarked on a mission to build an off-road wheelchair for Liz. The goal was to create a wheelchair capable of navigating the wilderness and joining the family on their hikes.

Building the wheelchair was no easy task, but Brad was determined. He spent days on end in the garage, working tirelessly on his invention. The noise emanating from the garage became a familiar sound to their neighbors and Liz. Brad’s challenge was to create a silent electric engine that could handle the rugged outdoors and campsites.

After countless hours of perseverance, Brad succeeded. He called Liz to the garage and surprised her with the finished product – a unique wheelchair equipped with tank treads! Liz was overjoyed and eager to test it out.

Word of Brad’s incredible invention spread, capturing the attention of NPC Robotics, a renowned high-tech company. Impressed by Brad’s innovation, they built a prototype based on his design. The result was a modern marvel – a quiet, fast, and off-road-friendly wheelchair tailored for Liz’s needs.

Today, when the family goes hiking, Brad and the children struggle to keep up with Liz and her new all-terrain wheelchair. Brad’s invention not only showcases his immense love for Liz but also his ingenuity and determination to overcome any obstacle.

What an inspiring example of unwavering support for loved ones! When a family member falls, let’s be there to lift them back up. Please share this heartwarming story, because Brad truly embodies the qualities of an exceptional husband and dad!