The Incredible Love Story of Henry Winkler and His Wife

Henry Winkler, famous for his role as Arthur Fonzarelli in “Happy Days,” has not only made a mark in Hollywood but also in love. Married for over 44 years, Henry and his wife, Stacey, have a love story that is as remarkable as it is heartwarming.

A Meeting That Almost Never Happened

It’s hard to believe that the couple who shares three kids and a loving marriage almost never saw each other again after their first meeting in a clothing store. Stacey worked as a public-relations employee, and Henry was an actor. They crossed paths while Stacey’s firm was a client of the clothing store.

Love at First Sight

Henry was immediately captivated by Stacey’s beauty. He recalls, “She was wearing purple parachute pants, and she had red hair, and without her even saying a word, I thought, ‘Woah, beautiful woman standing in front of me.’” He couldn’t resist going back to the store the following week, and that’s when he discovered Stacey’s inner strength.

Overcoming Challenges Together

Their love story didn’t stop at the first date. Stacey almost turned down the offer, but thankfully, she changed her mind. The couple eventually moved in together, blending their lives and families. However, as Henry’s fame grew, Stacey had to cope with the attention he received from female fans. She learned to navigate this new terrain, understanding that it was a sign of his successful career.

Parenthood and Careers

Henry and Stacey welcomed their daughter Zoey in 1980 and their son Max in 1983. They managed the challenges of raising a family and pursuing their careers. Max, following in his father’s footsteps, became a successful writer, director, and producer.

A Battle with Breast Cancer

In the late ’90s, the Winkler family faced a difficult challenge when Stacey was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although she went into remission, the cancer returned in 2007, leading to a double mastectomy. Stacey has since been cancer-free. Henry has been a dedicated advocate for breast cancer awareness, supporting his wife and raising funds for breast cancer patients and their families.

A Love That Stands the Test of Time

Henry and Stacey’s love has endured over four decades, and they believe there isn’t just one secret to their successful marriage. It takes work, understanding, and a deep bond rooted in love. They have weathered the ups and downs, growing closer as friends and partners along the way.

Cherishing Family

Today, as grandparents, Henry and Stacey treasure their family bonds. Having lost his own grandparents in the Holocaust, Henry cherishes the special moments he shares with his grandkids. To them, he is simply their doting grandfather, “Papa.”

The love and dedication Henry and Stacey Winkler share are truly remarkable. Their story reminds us that love requires effort and perseverance, but the rewards are immeasurable. Their realism, courage, and unwavering love serve as inspiration for couples of all ages.