A Tale of Determination: Mom of 4 Overcomes Stroke and Heartbreak

Mom of 4 is hospitalized with stroke – 5 days later, husband says he wants a divorce

We all face difficult periods in our lives, but some journeys are longer and tougher than others. In 2015, Riona Kelly, a brave 37-year-old mother of four, experienced not just one tragedy, but two. First, she suffered a stroke that left her paralyzed from the waist down. And as if that wasn’t enough, her husband of 14 years asked for a divorce after only five days in the hospital.

A Remarkable Comeback

Riona’s story of resilience began eight years ago when she faced a devastating spinal stroke. Doctors warned her that she may never walk again. However, fueled by her love for her children, Riona was determined to fight back. She wanted to be there for her kids, even if it meant rebuilding her life on her own.

From Heartbreak to Hope

Abandoned by her husband and devastated by paralysis, Riona found solace in her friend Sarah and her children, who became her pillars of support during the recovery process. While reflecting on her failed marriage, Riona realized that she had been miserable but had stayed because of the life they had built together and their responsibilities.

During her rehabilitation, Riona formed a close bond with her personal trainer, Keith Mason, a former rugby league star and athlete. As they spent more time together, their relationship blossomed into love. With Keith’s unwavering support, Riona began to believe that life was worth living again, and her children embraced him as part of the family.

Triumph Against All Odds

After four months in the hospital, Riona finally returned home. With Keith’s assistance and dedicated exercise, she defied the odds and regained movement in her legs. Though she still occasionally relies on a wheelchair for long distances, Riona’s determination led her to complete several marathons. She even utilizes a custom-made AI frame for her legs, a testament to human ingenuity and innovation.

Riona’s incredible recovery journey, documented with Keith’s help during the COVID lockdowns, inspired millions of people. The couple became a symbol of resilience and proved the doctors wrong. Together, they showed that with determination and support, anything is possible.

A New Chapter

While it seems that Riona and Keith Mason may no longer be together, we cherish the amazing journey they shared. Although there haven’t been recent updates on Riona’s social media accounts, we hope that both of them find happiness in their respective paths. No one can take away the remarkable journey they embarked on together, and we are grateful for being a part of it.

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