Meet Alia Nasyrova, the Real-Life Rapunzel

Rapunzel with hair brushing the ground

Have you ever dreamed of having long, flowing hair like your favorite fairy tale character? Well, Alia Nasyrova made that dream a reality! With an impressive 90-inch mane, this 33-year-old woman from Latvia is living as a real-life Rapunzel.

Growing her hair to this astonishing length took Nasyrova two decades of dedication and care. From her childhood, she was fascinated by the heroines with long hair in fairy tales. Now, she proudly calls herself a “very long hair model” and even the “Queen of super long hair.”

Nasyrova doesn’t just stop at growing her hair. She has turned it into an art form and a way of life. She earns a living by modeling her long locks on her website, where she shares exclusive content with her fans. Her dream is to travel the world, finding and showcasing the beauty of other long-haired girls.

But maintaining such long hair is no easy task. Nasyrova’s hair care routine is a full-time job in itself. She spends an hour every day washing her hair and lets it air dry for a whole day. When she goes out, her hair requires its own bag filled with 22 pounds of hair products, including shampoo, conditioner, and other accessories.

To keep her hair healthy and strong, Nasyrova also practices hair exercises on a yoga mat. Her husband, Ivan Balaban, supports her passion and gives her hair the space and respect it deserves. He even talks to her hair and asks it to move!

Having hair that long does have its challenges. Nasyrova recalls a childhood incident where someone accidentally left gum in her hair. To remove it, she had to cut out a clump of hair, which was heartbreaking for her.

Although Nasyrova’s hair is incredibly long, she doesn’t hold the record for the longest hair. According to the Guinness World Records, that title belongs to Xie Qiuping from China, with hair measuring a staggering 18 ft 5 in.

We can all appreciate the patience and dedication Nasyrova has put into growing her luscious long locks. Hair care is already complicated enough for most of us, so handling hair of this length is truly remarkable! What do you think of super long hair? Do you prefer more manageable lengths or are you tempted to embrace your inner Rapunzel?