Jennifer Lopez’s New Hairstyle Sparks Controversy

Jennifer Lopez recently debuted a new summer hairstyle, but not everyone is on board with her new look. In an Instagram post, JLo proudly showed off her French girl bangs and long honey-brown tresses. While many fans praised her bold choice, others were quick to criticize.

One Instagram user called her wig a “D-,” suggesting that they weren’t impressed with the new hairstyle. Some even questioned whether it was a wig at all, with one person commenting, “It’s clearly a wig, old lady.” Another person claimed that filters were used to enhance the photo.

Interestingly, there were comparisons made between Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck’s ex, Jennifer Garner. One commenter accused Lopez of trying to look like Garner, but emphasized that she could never compare to her. This led to speculations that JLo had changed her appearance to resemble a “white girl,” which some found unsettling.

However, despite these controversies, sources report that there is no bad blood between Lopez and Garner. In fact, they maintain a cordial and healthy relationship.

At the end of the day, what truly matters is Jennifer Lopez’s own opinion of her new hairstyle. She is not obligated to please the public, and if she feels confident and happy with her choice, that is what counts.