Enhancing Bird Safety: Draw White Lines on Your Windows

If you’re like me, appreciating the tranquility of your garden while surrounded by the sounds of nature brings immense joy. The delightful melodies of birds chirping in the trees make it even more special. That’s why many of us have bird houses, feeders, and drinking pools in our backyard.

However, it’s disheartening when birds unknowingly collide with windows, resulting in severe injuries such as broken beaks and necks. But here’s the good news: there’s a simple life hack to prevent these accidents, and all you need is a white pen!


As a countryside dweller, I’ve experienced countless instances of birds crashing into my windows. Each time, I witnessed birds either dazed or, tragically, lifeless soon after the impact. The unfortunate reality is that most birds don’t perceive windows as obstacles until it’s too late. Unless there’s a glare on the glass, they have no way of recognizing the solid barrier in their path.

In the United States alone, a study conducted in 2014 revealed that approximately 100 million birds are killed annually due to collisions with buildings, particularly windows. These staggering numbers emphasize the need for intervention and prevention measures to safeguard our feathered friends.

One effective method to make birds aware of the presence of windows is by drawing white streaks on the glass. Simply grab a pen and add some lines to the window. This visual cue will notify the birds that the space cannot be freely flown through, potentially saving their lives.

To learn more about this life-saving technique, watch the informative video below:

If you want to make a difference and help birds avoid window collisions, share this article with others so they too can have the necessary knowledge. Together, we can create a safer environment for our avian amigos. Remember, a small act like drawing white lines on your windows can have a significant impact on bird safety.