Wynonna Judd Opens Up About CMA Awards Performance and Fan Concerns

Wynonna Judd, the beloved country singer, recently took the stage at the CMA Awards alongside Jelly Roll, and her performance left fans worried about her health. After receiving numerous concerned comments, Judd addressed her fans on social media to alleviate their worries.

In a candid video uploaded to her social media accounts, Judd admitted that she had read the comments and wanted to “come clean” with her fans. She confessed that she was incredibly nervous during the performance, which led her to cling onto Jelly Roll for support. Despite her nerves, Judd pushed through and delivered a memorable performance.

When asked about her decision to perform with Jelly Roll, Judd explained that she wanted to show up for others, just as people had done for her in the past. She believes in passing on the generosity she has received and was honored to share the stage with Jelly Roll.

In case you missed their beautiful performance, you can watch it . We assure you that Judd is doing just fine and that her health is not a cause for concern. She has had a challenging couple of years and deserves nothing but positivity and well wishes moving forward.

Let’s hope that 2024 brings a brighter future for Wynonna Judd. She continues to honor her late mom, Naomi Judd, and strives to make her mark in the country music industry.