Thousands Flock to See the Intact Remains of a Nun

In a small rural town in Missouri, something incredible has been happening. Thousands of people, both believers and skeptics, have been making a pilgrimage to visit the remains of Sister Wilhemina Lancaster, a Catholic nun who passed away in 2019 at the age of 95. What makes this pilgrimage so extraordinary is that Sister Wilhemina’s body has scarcely decayed since her death.

The astonishing discovery was only recently made when the Sisters from the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles Monastery in Gower, Missouri, moved Sister Wilhemina’s body into their chapel. They were expecting to find only bones, as they were told by cemetery personnel. However, to their surprise, they found her body nearly perfectly intact.

Despite not being embalmed after her death and being laid to rest in a simple wooden casket, Sister Wilhemina’s body showed minimal decay. The presence of a layer of mold was noticeable due to a crack in the casket, but apart from that, her body remained remarkably preserved.

The current abbess of the monastery, Mother Cecilia, was astounded by the sight. She noticed a fully intact foot and couldn’t believe her eyes. Everyone present was in awe of this miraculous preservation. Sister Wilhemina’s body served as a testament to hope, faith, and trust, qualities that are much needed in our world today.

According to Catholic tradition, there are instances of “incorruptible saints” whose bodies show little to no signs of decay after death. These miraculous cases are believed to be a sign of resurrection and a close connection to Christ. Over the years, there have been hundreds of documented cases of incorruptible bodies, some of which have even been beatified or canonized.

The news of Sister Wilhemina’s intact body has generated widespread interest, as people seek answers and understanding. The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph has acknowledged this curiosity and the importance of conducting a thorough investigation while respecting the integrity of Sister Wilhemina’s remains.

In addition to her well-preserved body, the items she was buried with, including her clothing, were found to be in remarkable condition. Her holy habit, made from natural fibers, was perfectly intact. It was a testament to her lifelong dedication and struggle to preserve her religious garb. The synthetic veil she wore remained untouched, while the lining of the coffin, made from similar material, had deteriorated completely.

Uncertain of what steps to take next, the sisters carefully cleaned off the mold from Sister Wilhemina’s face and then created a wax mask to preserve her likeness. Although there was some damage due to the preservation process and exposure to air, her body remained mostly intact.

Since the discovery, thousands of people have made the journey to this rural town to pay their respects to Sister Wilhemina. The Clinton County Sheriff, Larry Fish, mentioned that they expected between 10 to 15,000 people per day over the Memorial Day weekend.

After being on display for several days, Sister Wilhemina’s body was placed in a glass case near the chapel’s altar. Some believe this preservation to be a miracle, while others hold reservations. What are your thoughts on this extraordinary event? Let us know in the comments!