The Dangers of Tampons: A Cautionary Tale

Her legs are amputated after using a common household product – Now she's warning women everywhere

Lauren Wasser, a Californian model, had her life turned upside down when a common household product caused her legs to be amputated. It all started when she went to the hospital in 2012 with flu-like symptoms, only to discover that she was suffering from toxic shock syndrome (TSS) caused by bacterial toxins.

The culprit? A tampon. The prolonged use of tampons, especially if left in for extended periods, can lead to TSS, a dangerous infection. This devastating syndrome left Lauren in a coma for over a week, and when she finally woke up, she had to undergo the amputation of one of her legs due to the severity of the infection. She was just 24 years old.

Since then, Lauren has dedicated herself to a single mission: ensuring that no one else has to endure what she has experienced.

“I may have to face the inevitable amputation of my other leg in a few months, but I can take action to prevent this from happening to others,” Lauren tells The Daily Mail.

Lauren has initiated a courageous legal battle against Kotex Natural Balance, the brand of tampons that caused her severe reaction. She stresses the importance of understanding the potential risks associated with tampon use, particularly given that the vagina is the most absorbent part of a woman’s body and a gateway to vital organs.

Unfortunately, Lauren recently had to undergo the amputation of her remaining leg. Despite this tremendous setback, she remains resilient and optimistic. Immediately after her surgery, she posted a photo on her social media accounts alongside Paralympic athlete Amy Purdy, who also experienced amputations. In her message, Lauren expresses her readiness for the new chapter in her life and her unwavering determination.

Life is about to be different for Lauren once again, but she faces it with strength and optimism. This brave young woman deserves our utmost respect. She continues to fight not just for herself but for others, so that no one else has to endure the pain and suffering she has endured.

Please join us in sharing Lauren’s story to raise awareness among all women about the potential dangers of tampons. Let’s ensure that no one else falls victim to the tragic consequences that Lauren has faced.