Can you guess what these strange objects are?

Users across Reddit have been sharing images of weird and wonderful objects that they’ve found. But many people have been left dumbfounded as to exactly what they are! Keep reading to see the bizarre objects that are leaving the internet baffled…

#1: The Mystery Hair Removal Device

First up, we have a silver metal spring with pink plastic ends that left many people confused. Can you guess what it is?

Surprisingly, it’s actually a unique device for hair removal. Similar to tweezers, it pulls the hair out from the root by plucking. The device is rolled across the area, ripping out the unwanted hairs as it goes. Ouch!

#2: The Suggestive Glass Object

Next, we have a slightly suggestive looking glass object. This Redditor found it near an electric sign that hung on a building. Take a guess at what it might be!

Believe it or not, it’s a neon light support. Those two anchor points are used to secure the glass neon tubes. Many Redditors were surprised by its actual purpose, as they thought it looked a little like something else…

#3: The Mysterious Leather Paddle

Moving on, we have this leather paddle-looking thing with a strap that wraps around the back of your hand. Any ideas?

Turns out, it’s called a Blackjack and it’s used for self-defense. It’s an old-fashioned weapon used to deliver a strong blow to an attacker. Looks can be deceiving!

#4: The Confusing Metal Crown

Here we have a small metal crown that confused many people. The user described it as “3.2 inches high, silver-plated, thin material. Shaped like a crown.” What could it be?

Surprisingly, it’s actually a spoon holder that hooks onto the edge of a bowl. It’s a handy little tool to keep your spoon from slipping into the bowl. Who knew?

#5: The Questionable Padded Satin Cloth

Last but not least, we have this strange padded satin cloth with ribbon ties on either side. Care to take a guess?

Many people wondered if it was a beauty case or even a sanitary pad, but it’s actually a hanger cover. It’s placed on wooden coat hangers to prevent items from slipping off. A clever and practical solution!

What did you think about these unique objects? Were you able to guess what any of them were?