Amazing 107-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Breaks World Record for Speed!

Great-grandmother, 105, breaks world record for fastest 100-meter run at US Senior Games

Known as “the Hurricane,” this remarkable woman has defied all odds and shattered records at the age of 107. Julia Hawkins, a retired teacher, made headlines back in November 2021 when she set a new world record for the fastest 100-meter run at the Louisiana Senior Games. And she’s not slowing down any time soon!

Hawkins, lovingly called “the Hurricane” for her incredible speed, revealed that running wasn’t always a part of her life. It was actually her children who challenged her to try the 100-yard dash when she turned 100. And to everyone’s surprise, she aced it in less than 100 seconds!

At the 2021 Louisiana Senior Games, now aged 107, she aimed to complete the dash in under a minute. While she missed that goal by a few seconds, recording just over 62 seconds, she remains proud of her achievement, considering the challenging weather conditions. It was a bit windy and freezing cold that day, but Julia gave it her best shot.

A heartwarming aspect of the race was the presence of several of Julia’s former students cheering her on from the sidelines. At the age of 90, these students who were once in her third grade, still held her in high regard. Julia jokingly remarked, “That tells you how old I am!”

Although she didn’t achieve the sub-minute run she had hoped for, Julia did win the title for the fastest 100-meter dash in the 105+ years category. And not surprisingly, she also broke the world record for her incredible feat. Her family couldn’t be prouder of her gold medal and world record!

Apart from her newfound passion for running, Julia enjoys gardening and spending time with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She fondly recalls her late husband, Murray Hawkins, their love story, and their unique phone wedding ceremony during his time serving in Pearl Harbor. Their love stood the test of time, with a happy marriage lasting 70 years.

As Julia continues to age gracefully, she imparts words of wisdom to others. She advises everyone to seek out “magic moments” in life, appreciating the beauty of a stunning sunrise, a captivating sunset, or even a shooting star. These small yet extraordinary wonders are accessible to all, regardless of wealth. All you need is to be observant and keep your eyes open to the breathtaking world around you.

Julia Hawkins is an inspiring woman whose determination and spirit remind us all that age is just a number. Her accomplishments serve as a powerful example that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible, no matter how old you are!

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