A Thrilling Glimpse into the Finnish Daycare System

For most parents, daycares have become an integral part of their daily lives. In the United States, however, daycare costs can be exorbitant compared to other countries. This has sparked interest in a Finnish daycare that has captivated everyone with its incredible features and affordability.

Daycares play a crucial role in society by enabling working parents to have peace of mind while pursuing their careers. Unfortunately, inadequate access to quality daycare facilities often leaves parents with no choice but to stay at home. Shockingly, in the US alone, more than 100,000 Americans are forced to take time off work each month due to childcare issues. The economic impact of this situation amounts to a staggering $122 billion per year.

Recognizing the need to optimize workforce participation, the childcare system must undergo a transformative shift. In order to shed light on how advanced other countries are in this regard, Annabella Daily, a mother and content creator, decided to showcase the Finnish daycare system to the American public.

Daily revealed astonishing details about Finnish daycares. She highlighted that Finland promotes independence in children and their caregivers are referred to as “specialists in early childhood upbringing,” rather than teachers. She shared footage of cozy little beds neatly arranged for each child, explaining that children attend daycare from the age of around 1 until 6 and take naps in these beds.

Another impressive aspect of the Finnish daycare system is the provision of nutritious meals. Daily showed the dining rooms where children eat together at small tables and receive warm, healthy meals and snacks every day. She also showcased the daycare’s emphasis on art, music, and crafts, as well as the availability of potty training facilities with child-sized toilets and sinks.

Intriguingly, Daily’s video unveiled the most awe-inspiring aspect of Finnish daycares—the cost. She revealed, “Daycare is considered every parent’s and child’s right, and at maximum costs $325 a month with a bit more for private daycare.” Daily expressed her adoration for Engel daycare in Helsinki, feeling like she had found a village that helped raise her child. She posed a question to the viewers, asking if they would leave their children in such a fantastic daycare.

Daily’s video quickly went viral, leaving people in the United States astounded by the multitude of amenities offered at such an affordable price. Additionally, Finland’s parental leave policy further impressed viewers, granting 320 working days, approximately 14 months, of leave. If both parents are present, each is entitled to 160 days, and one parent can transfer 63 paternity leave days to the other. After parental leave ends, parents can choose between municipal or private daycare for their child, with the option of receiving a home care allowance.

In Finland, daycares are part of the early childhood education and care (ECEC) system, which is integrated into their overall education system. This ensures that every child under school age is entitled to ECEC, regardless of whether one or both parents are at home. While the cost of daycare varies based on whether it is private or not, parents receive an allowance from the Social Insurance Institution (KELA) to help cover private daycare expenses.

Commenting on Daily’s video, countless viewers expressed dismay at the American childcare system. One person wrote, “cries in American mom,” while another marveled, “325 a month??? wow,” unable to believe the drastic difference in cost compared to American daycares that charge thousands of dollars.

Undeniably, the Finnish childcare system offers a fascinating contrast to that of other countries. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Finnish system. Share this article with friends and family to see what they think too!

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