A Love That Withstands the Test of Time

Goldie Hawn’s 7-Year-Old Granddaughter Is a Mini-Me of the Hollywood Legend

Goldie Hawn, the ageless and fun-loving Hollywood superstar, has not only captured our hearts with her timeless beauty and adorable relationship with partner Kurt Russell, but she is also a devoted mother and grandmother. With three children and one stepchild, Goldie has six grandchildren, and her social media is filled with heartwarming moments that show just how much she cherishes her family.

In an industry where romances often come and go, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell serve as an inspiration on how to maintain a lasting relationship. The power couple has been together since 1983, and their love for each other continues to grow stronger with each passing day. Interestingly, the pair has chosen not to marry, as they believe that as long as their emotional connection remains devoted, honest, caring, and loving, their relationship will flourish.

Goldie explained in an interview, “I like waking up every day and seeing that he is there and knowing that I have a choice. There is really no reason to marry.” Kurt echoed her sentiment, saying, “For Goldie and me, that core value was this: the kids come first.” The couple has always put their children at the forefront, which is evident in Goldie’s involvement with MindUp, a program she established as part of the Goldie Hawn Foundation in 2003. MindUp focuses on creating better environments to help children thrive both in school and in life.

Goldie’s love for her children is undeniable, especially when it comes to her daughter, Kate Hudson, who has followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a Hollywood star. The mother-daughter duo recently made an appearance on the Ellen show, where they shared playful anecdotes. Goldie joked about how close she got to the action during Kate’s most recent childbirth, amusingly recalling the doctor’s warning not to fall in while looking over his shoulder.

In addition to Kate, Goldie has two grandsons, 15-year-old Ryder Russell and 8-year-old Bingham Hawn Bellamy. The depth of love and joy that Goldie experiences as a grandmother is immeasurable, and she couldn’t be prouder of her children and grandchildren. As Goldie remarked, “Being a grandmother is amazing, I love it. It brings incredible joy. Family is so important.”

Despite being 74 years old, Goldie Hawn still captivates audiences with her charm and talent. However, her true love lies in her family. Goldie’s son, Oliver, and his wife, Errin, have blessed Goldie and Kurt with three grandchildren: sons Wilder Brooks and Bodhi Hawn, and daughter Rio. It is Rio, at just 7 years old, who bears an uncanny resemblance to her famous grandmother.

Recently, Goldie shared a delightful photo of herself having lunch with Rio in Aspen, captioning it, “Christmas lunch in Aspen with a chip off the old block! Happy upside down lunch to everyone everywhere.” The resemblance between the two is stunning, and fans couldn’t help but express their adoration for the snapshot.

Goldie’s love for her grandchildren knows no bounds. She often includes them in her public appearances, like the time she took Rio as her date to a MindUp event honoring singer Barry Manilow. Goldie proudly shared a picture of herself and Rio, stating, “Couldn’t have picked a better date than my granddaughter.”

Goldie’s fans are smitten with the adorable Rio and agree that she is a spitting image of her grandmother. If you’re one of those fans, head over to our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts. Don’t forget to share this heartwarming story with all the Goldie fans in your life!