Bo Derek’s Surprising Marriage with John Corbett After 20 Years Together

Bo Derek has married John Corbett after nearly 20 years together – but they kept it a secret for months

Do you remember Bo Derek? She has always been a favorite of mine. Recently, I discovered what she’s been up to and I must say, I’m even more impressed by this goddess.

I first saw Bo Derek in her breakthrough movie, “10,” in 1979. It was impossible not to notice the gorgeous young blonde woman with clear blue eyes. But what happened after her iconic time in Hollywood?

Bo Derek, born as Mary Cathleen Collins and raised in California, had an early start in Hollywood thanks to her mother’s connection to actress Ann-Margret. At the age of 16, Bo got herself an agent, leading to her first film role in “Once Upon a Love.”

During the filming of the movie on the romantic island of Mykonos, Bo met John Derek, who would soon become her husband. It’s important to note that Bo was only 17 at the time and John Derek was 47. The age difference, along with the fact that John was married to actress Linda Evans, made their relationship scandalous.

However, John divorced Linda Evans not long after meeting Bo. This led to some guilt on Bo’s part, as she acknowledged the pain Linda went through. Despite the obstacles, Bo and John eventually married in Las Vegas in 1976 when Bo was 19 and John was 49.

After their marriage, Bo’s career took off. John often cast her in his movies, putting her in challenging situations to create buzz around his low-budget films. It was in the movie “10” that Bo established herself as one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Her iconic look, including the cornrow-style, blonde braids, was John’s suggestion.

Following the success of “10,” Bo appeared in several of John’s films, but unfortunately, they were met with negative reviews. She then transitioned to television series like “7th Heaven,” “Lucky,” and “Queen of Swords.”

In addition to her acting career, Bo has been politically active and has expressed her support for George W. Bush and the Republican Party. However, she voted for Barack Obama in the past and currently does not align with any political party.

One of Bo’s biggest passions is horses, particularly the Portuguese breed called Lusitano. She even wrote an autobiography titled “Riding Lessons: Everything That Matters in Life I Learned from Horses.” Bo is an advocate for animal safety and speaks out against horse slaughter.

In her role as honorary chair of VA’s National Rehabilitation Special Events, Bo is involved in supporting and rehabilitating war veterans. This cause holds personal significance for her as her father, stepfather, and late husband were all veterans.

Bo is now happily involved with actor John Corbett, known for his role in “Sex and the City.” The couple has been together for almost 20 years and recently tied the knot during a private ceremony.

They managed to keep the news a secret for months, as they prefer to live a private life. Bo and John continue to enjoy each other’s company, making each other laugh even after all these years. They cherish the simple moments, like holding hands and having barbecues with friends.

As for Bo Derek, she is now living a joyous life in California with her husband, her sister, brother-in-law, and their two children. Although she may not be appearing in big movies or in the public eye as much, she remains a timeless icon.

If you recognize the beach scene below, it’s a testament to Bo’s enduring impact in Hollywood and in our hearts.