Woman with Dwarfism Proudly Poses with Baby Bump on the Beach

Woman with Dwarfism Poses Proudly

Being asked when they were going to have children was a common question for Charli Worgan and her husband Cullen. But as a couple with different forms of dwarfism, they often faced the question of “why” they wanted to start a family. Despite the public scrutiny, Charli decided to share their journey on social media, hoping to educate and inspire others. Little did she know that her Instagram account would gain over 300,000 followers, while their family grew to include two beautiful daughters.

Recently, Charli announced her third pregnancy, but with a mix of excitement and sadness. Both Charli and Cullen undergo painful genetic testing due to their conditions. Their children could either inherit one form of dwarfism, be of average height, or inherit both types, which would be fatal. The 12-week point in pregnancy, a milestone for celebration, was a different experience for Charli. Instead of enjoying the joy of announcing her pregnancy, she had to undergo invasive testing to determine the genetic makeup of her baby.

Their older daughters, Tully and Tilba, have one type of dwarfism each. So, when Charli became pregnant again, they waited to find out which category their third baby would fall into. The possibilities were: 1) a baby of average height, 2) a baby with Charli’s form of dwarfism, 3) a baby with Cullen’s form of dwarfism, or 4) a baby inheriting both types, which would be fatal. Charli shared the emotional rollercoaster of waiting to find out if they could welcome their baby into the world in March 2021 or if their journey would end there.

Despite sharing her life so publicly, Charli has faced criticism for her decision to have children with these odds. In her Instagram post, she addresses this criticism and emphasizes the complexity of the decision. Being kind and understanding is key. The reality is that bringing a child into the world with these odds is no simple choice.

Now, the couple has three beautiful children who are thriving, and their family continues to navigate the ups and downs of life. Their baby boy Rip was born at the end of February, and Charli shared a heartwarming post along with a picture of her and her newborn. She expressed her gratitude and highlighted that there is no “correct” or “wrong” way to do motherhood.

Ultimately, Charli’s journey as a parent is relatable to many. She shows that the struggles and joys of bringing children into the world transcend any differences. Her inspirational posts serve as a reminder to embrace all aspects of parenthood. We wish this family health and happiness on their ongoing journey together. Share their story to spread the love!