Pauley Perrette’s Life After NCIS: Overcoming Struggles and Near-Death

Pauley Perrette finally opens up about her near-death experience

At one point, Pauley Perrette was a household name thanks to her role as Abby Sciutto on NCIS. Her departure from the show left fans upset, but what happened next in her life is truly remarkable. After a stroke nearly took her life two years ago, Perrette is now opening up about her journey of recovery and the lessons she’s learned along the way. Keep reading to find out more about this incredible actress and her near-death experience.

A Scary Stroke and Road to Recovery

In 2021, Perrette experienced a stroke that sent shockwaves through her life. However, thanks to her strength and determination, she has made an incredible recovery. Recently, on her “Re-Birthday,” she took to Instagram to share a doodle of herself and express her gratitude for surviving the stroke. Her fans were overjoyed to see her doing well and flooded her posts with messages of love and support. Pauley Perrette’s resilience is truly inspiring.

Fans expressing their love and support

Speaking Out About Stroke Awareness

This isn’t the first time Perrette has shared her experiences with the world. She has always been open about the challenges she has faced, including hospitalization due to a hair dye allergy, being attacked by a homeless person, and being a survivor of both rape and domestic violence. Last year, in an interview, she not only gave an update on her own health but also emphasized the importance of stroke awareness. She urged her fans to be proactive about their health and educated them on the signs of a stroke. Perrette wants everyone to know that strokes can happen at any age and that immediate medical help is crucial.

Pauley Perrette advocating for stroke awareness

A True Survivor and Role Model

Through it all, Pauley Perrette has shown incredible strength and resilience. Her positive outlook and determination to overcome obstacles are truly commendable. She has not only survived but also thrived. Her journey is an inspiration to everyone, and we are incredibly grateful that she is doing well now. Pauley Perrette is not just an amazing talent; she is a role model for us all. We hope she continues to remain healthy and happy for years to come.


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