Paris Hilton’s Son Faces Cruel Comments, But She Stands Up For Him

'He just has a giant brain,' Paris Hilton reacts to internet criticism about her son's head

Paris Hilton and Carter Reum recently welcomed their first child, Phoenix Barron, into the world through a surrogate. As any new mother would be, Hilton was thrilled to have a healthy baby boy. She couldn’t wait to share a photo of her adorable nine-month-old on social media, but little did she know that she would face a wave of cruelty from online trolls.

The comment section on Hilton’s post was filled with mean-spirited remarks about her son, particularly targeting his head size. Some insensitive individuals even went as far as suggesting that the baby had health issues.

Hilton was deeply hurt by these remarks and decided to take a stand for her son. She expressed her disappointment in a powerful message, reminding people that it is never acceptable to target and criticize a child:

“Living life in the spotlight, comments are inevitable, but targeting my child, or anyone else’s for that matter, is unacceptable. This hurts my heart more deeply than words can describe. I’ve worked hard to cultivate an environment that is all about love, respect, and acceptance, and I expect the same in return. If I don’t post my baby, people assume I’m not a great mother, and if I do post him, there are some people who are cruel and hateful. I’m a proud working mom, and my baby is perfectly healthy, adorable, and angelic.”

Despite the negativity, Hilton hopes that people can treat one another with more kindness and empathy. She believes in creating a loving and supportive environment for her son, where he can grow up feeling accepted and valued.

In a recent interview with People, Hilton revealed that she relies on her close-knit family for support in raising Phoenix Barron. Her parents and sister, Nicky Hilton, are always there to offer advice and help. Hilton feels grateful to have such a strong support system.

It is unfortunate that Hilton and her husband had to endure such negativity from strangers. No child, or anyone for that matter, should ever be subjected to mockery and harassment. Let us all remember to be kind and compassionate towards one another, both online and offline.

Paris Hilton and her family

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