A Heartwarming Story of an Unconventional Family

Sometimes families are not biologically linked but chosen. Such is the case for Peter Mutabazi, a single dad who chose to become a parent in a way that is considered unconventional for single men. His heartwarming story is a testament to the power of love and the meaning of family.

Peter’s journey started with fostering children. Over the years, he has fostered 36 children, providing them with a loving and stable home. In 2019, he took the step further and adopted his son, 17-year-old Anthony Mubataz. And more recently, he opened up his home to 8-year-old Isabella and 7-year-old Luke.

At 49 years old, Peter finds absolute joy in being a parent. He considers himself their forever home and is dedicated to his family. He shares snippets of his life as a foster dad on his Instagram account, fostering not just his own children but also inspiring others to be better, more involved fathers.

While Peter is passionate about reuniting children with their biological parents, he promises his foster children that if they are unable to return to their biological families, they will always have a home with him. He believes that families can be of different skin colors and wants to break the stereotypes surrounding family dynamics.

In May 2020, two young children, a 5-year-old girl and a 4-year-old boy, came into Peter’s life. They had been neglected by their parents due to drug-related issues and were initially meant to stay with Peter for just four months. However, as time passed, their biological parents became distant, and communication dwindled.

The children’s parents eventually had their parental rights terminated in April 2023. This bittersweet moment marked a turning point for Peter, as he knew he could now legally adopt the children and become their dad. It was a day filled with tears, both sad and happy, as he embraced his new role.

Peter had open conversations with the children about their biological parents, explaining that they would not be returning for them. He assured them that they had a place in his home forever. Luke, his adopted son, is kind and sweet, with an artistic talent for drawing. Isabella, his daughter, is lively and enjoys the outdoors, dreaming of becoming a veterinarian.

Peter shares his family’s journey on Instagram, always mindful of protecting the identity of his children. He uses pseudonyms and sunglasses to keep their anonymity. Currently, he is fostering a few more children, including 2-year-old Bella and two refugee siblings from Senegal, emphasizing that love knows no boundaries.

Through his book “Now I Am Known” and the charity he founded, Peter’s work towards the good of humanity is truly heartwarming. He believes there are many children out there needing a loving home, and his goal is to make a difference, helping as many as he can.

This story is a beautiful reminder that families come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. What truly matters is the love and care we give one another. Share Peter’s story to inspire others and remind them of the true meaning of family.