Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her Divorce and Journey to Healing

Kelly Clarkson, the renowned talk show host, recently revealed her emotional struggle following her divorce from Brandon Blackstock. In a therapy session, Clarkson found herself overwhelmed with tears, prompting her to seek additional support. This candid admission demonstrates her vulnerability and willingness to put aside pride.

To cope with the emotional turmoil, the Grammy-winning artist turned to Lexapro, an anti-depressant, for two months. This decision proved to be a crucial turning point for her well-being. Clarkson shares, “I was unhappy, unable to put on a smile for America. I needed help, and taking Lexapro was the best choice I ever made. Without it, I don’t think I would have been able to overcome this challenging phase.” Her honesty and openness shed light on the importance of mental health and seeking the help we need.

Embracing Her Children’s Musical Journey

Kelly Clarkson also revealed insights into her children’s exposure to her music. Although her songs often touch on adult themes, she ensures her kids are shielded from explicit content. She shared, “I don’t play my songs around my kids. However, when my daughter requested to hear ‘Whole Lotta Woman,’ I was surprised that she knew the song. But she actually wanted to say a word that had a censored version in the lyrics. I allowed her to sing it, but only when we were together.” This honest approach to parenting fosters an environment where her children feel understood and respected.

Clarkson’s children not only enjoy her music but also indulge in music from other artists such as Harry Styles and Aurora. This openness allows them to explore different sounds and develop their musical tastes.

The Healing Power of Music

In anticipation of her album “Chemistry,” Kelly Clarkson spoke on TODAY, sharing some of the inspiration behind it. She revealed a “little text exchange” she had with Blackstock regarding the album’s content, emphasizing her desire to showcase the multi-faceted nature of their relationship. “I didn’t want to reduce our story to just one thing,” she recalls. “Our journey includes both beauty and pain. It’s deeply personal, and I’ve always released songs that reflect my own experiences. Becoming a parent made me question how I wanted to navigate this chapter of my life.”

Through her music, Kelly Clarkson finds solace and a pathway to explore her emotions. Her songs invite listeners to connect with their own experiences, encouraging them to embrace vulnerability and find healing through the power of music.

Seeking Strength and Support

Kelly Clarkson’s transparent account of her struggles and triumphs reminds us that seeking help is a sign of strength. Her journey highlights the importance of mental health and the various avenues available to find support during challenging times. Drawing inspiration from her resilience, we can confront our own obstacles and emerge stronger on the other side.