Discovering the Jackson Siblings’ Bond

Paris Jackson, the incredibly talented daughter of the legendary Michael Jackson, recently opened up about the strong bond she shares with her siblings. In a heartfelt episode of her show, Unfiltered, Paris and her brothers had an honest conversation about their “oldest brother,” Omer Bhatti, revealing a side of their family that many people didn’t know about.

Meet Omer Bhatti, the Unofficial Jackson Sibling

While many people were familiar with Prince Jackson and Blanket Jackson as Paris’ brothers, they were surprised to learn about Omer’s special role in the family. Omer, a Norwegian dancer and rapper, revealed on the show that he considers himself an older brother to the Jackson children. He explained, “I’ve been there for Paris since she was a baby. I’d say we kind of raised her. She is my younger sister in every way.”

An Unbreakable Bond

Paris expressed her deep love for her older brothers and talked about the incredible bond they share. She said, “They have my whole love. Every time we see each other, we feel revitalized by our time together.” Unlike her relationship with Prince, which sometimes involves typical sibling conflicts, Paris and Omer have never had any disputes. Their bond remains unbreakable and full of love.

Unique Perspectives

As the Jackson siblings grew up, Omer had the privilege of observing their individual development and gaining unique insights into their personalities. He shared, “Paris was undoubtedly a rebel, always more rebellious than Prince. When they were kids, Prince and Paris were diametrically opposed.” Omer noticed that Prince was more in line with their father’s teachings, and he took it upon himself to guide Paris. “He noticed that I was similar to him in that he was always the big brother trying to educate her right from wrong.”

Miracle Encounters and a Father Figure

Omer, also known as O-Bee, first encountered Michael Jackson when he began performing at the young age of nine. Reflecting on their connection, Omer said, “Being on TV and having these appearances subsequently brought me to Michael Jackson. In a sense, he adopted me and served as a father figure and mentor to me.” Omer looked up to Michael as his role model and absorbed everything as a young child. He said, “He later claimed that I was like a tiny version of him. Finally, I joined him on his tour. I’d be sitting almost right on the stage.”

Now, these extraordinary relationships continue to flourish within the Jackson family. Paris, Prince, and Blanket have found comfort in having Omer as an “older brother,” someone who has been there for them through thick and thin. The bond between the Jackson siblings demonstrates the power and beauty of chosen family.