Heartwarming Act of Bravery Prevents Human Trafficking Incident

Flight attendant Shelia Frederick’s courageous act on an Alaska Airlines flight saved a young girl from a potentially dreadful situation. This incredible story serves as a reminder for all of us to trust our instincts and take action when we see something suspicious.

A Daring Plan to Help

Shelia noticed something unusual when a man and a young girl boarded the plane in Seattle. The girl seemed less well-dressed and avoided making eye contact, which raised concerns for Shelia. Unable to dismiss her worries, Shelia confided in a coworker and together they devised a daring plan to help the girl.

A Secret Message of Hope

Shelia made an effort to make eye contact with the girl while delivering food on the plane. Finally, the girl looked up, and Shelia could see the sadness in her eyes. To communicate secretly, Shelia locked one of the plane’s toilets and placed a piece of paper and a pencil inside. She signaled the girl towards the locked toilet, subtly mouthing the word “toilet” and miming writing. Thankfully, the girl understood the message and asked for permission to use the restroom.

Taking Action to Save a Life

While the man waited outside the bathroom, Shelia courageously stayed inside, watching him closely. Inside the toilet, the girl found the note left by Shelia, which simply read, “I need help.” Realizing the gravity of the situation, Shelia immediately informed the pilot, who then coordinated with ground control.

Authorities Step In

Upon landing in San Francisco, authorities were already waiting to apprehend the man. Shelia’s quick thinking and courageous actions prevented a potential human trafficking incident. Because of her bravery, the young girl was rescued and spared from a terrible fate.

Making a Lasting Difference

Shelia’s valiant effort did not end there. She kept in touch with the girl she rescued and even spoke to her over the phone multiple times. Today, that young woman is attending college, thanks to Shelia’s intervention. Shelia’s dedication and compassion have truly made a significant impact on this girl’s life.

Inspiring Us All

Shelia’s story is a true inspiration and reminds us to trust our instincts and take action when we suspect something is wrong. By reporting our concerns, we can potentially save others from harm. Let us honor the brave and compassionate Shelia Frederick, who serves as a remarkable role model for us all.

Watch Shelia’s Bravery Unfold