Céline Dion Postpones European Tour Due to Rare Neurological Condition

Canadian singer, Céline Dion, known for her legendary voice, has been faced with a recent diagnosis of a rare neurological condition called stiff-person syndrome. As a result, she has made the difficult decision to postpone some dates on her European tour. In a heartfelt video shared on her social media accounts, Dion explained that her debilitating illness is affecting her ability to sing as she’s used to.

Stiff-person syndrome is characterized by spasm sickness, increasing muscle rigidity, and immobility, which can greatly impact a person’s daily life. According to The Stiff Person Syndrome Research Foundation, patients may find themselves unable to care for themselves or have limited mobility.

Dion emotionally expressed how her muscle spasms and stiffness are affecting every aspect of her everyday life. It has become difficult for her to move and even communicate as she’s accustomed to. She bravely acknowledged the challenges she’s been facing with her health for a long time.

Regrettably, Dion’s illness has forced her to postpone the European leg of her tour, originally scheduled for February. The new date for her 2023 tour has been set for later next year, with eight performances between May 31 and July 17, 2023, being rescheduled.

Despite her current health struggles, Dion reassured her devoted fans that she is working closely with her family, medical professionals, and doctors to improve her condition. The five-time Grammy winner expressed her deep desire to return to the stage, highlighting that singing has always been her greatest source of happiness.

The Premier of Québec, François Legault, also extended his sympathy to Dion, wishing her a speedy recovery during a press conference. He emphasized his hopes for her well-being before going into the National Assembly question and answer session.

In a heartwarming display of support, a children’s choir in Toronto’s Queen’s Park performed Dion’s iconic song “My Heart Will Go On” as a tribute to her. Despite the challenges, Dion shared that she is determined to increase her strength and performance with the help of a sports medicine therapist whom she meets with daily.

Dion’s heartfelt message to her audience expressed her sincerest longing to be back on stage and connect with her fans. She apologized, acknowledging that her health is currently preventing her from giving her all during performances.

For fans seeking more information about Dion’s tour and any updates on the rescheduled dates, her website provides all the necessary details. Stiff-person syndrome, while rare, affects less than 5,000 cases in the country, according to the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. Although symptoms can appear at any age, they are most commonly observed in adulthood.