Discovering the Jackson Siblings’ Special Bond

An Unexpected Addition to the Jackson Family

In a heartfelt episode of her popular Facebook Watch series, Unfiltered, Paris Jackson, the 22-year-old daughter of the legendary musician Michael Jackson, opened up about the close and beautiful relationship she shares with her brothers. Surprisingly, she revealed the presence of another sibling, 36-year-old Omer Bhatti, a talented Norwegian dancer and rapper.

Meeting Omer – A Remarkable Revelation

To the surprise of many, including those who believed that Prince Jackson, 23, and Blanket Jackson, 18, were Paris’ only brothers, Omer made an appearance on the show. During this heartwarming episode, he confirmed that he considers himself to be an older brother to all three Jackson children. Omer explained, “My mother was Prince’s nanny when he was born, and I have been there for Paris since she was a baby. I have played a significant role in raising her. She is my younger sister in every way.”

Omer lovingly revealed the joy he felt when he became a part of the Jackson family, saying, “I always wanted younger siblings, and I found them in Prince, Paris, and Blanket. They have brought so much happiness into my life.”

An Indestructible Bond

Paris emphasized the deep love she has for her older brothers and how they share an unbreakable bond. She said, “My heart is filled with love for them. Whenever we spend time together, we feel rejuvenated and uplifted.”

In contrast to her typical sibling disagreements with Prince, Paris and Omer have never had any conflicts. Their bond remains unbreakable, firm, and brimming with love.

Unique Perspectives

As the Jackson siblings grew, Omer had the extraordinary opportunity to witness their personal growth and gain unique insights into their individual personalities. He shared, “Paris was undeniably rebellious, always more so than Prince. When they were younger, Prince and Paris were complete opposites.”

Omer noticed that Prince was more aligned with their father’s teachings, while he took it upon himself to be a guiding influence on Paris. “Prince realized that I shared similarities with our father. He became the big brother who always tried to guide her in the right direction.”

Miraculous Encounters and a Father Figure

Omer, also known as O-Bee, had his first encounter with Michael Jackson when he began his performing career at the tender age of nine. Reflecting on their unique connection, he shared, “Appearing on TV and performing brought me into Michael Jackson’s life. In a way, he adopted me and became a father figure and mentor to me.”

Like a sponge, Omer absorbed every aspect of Michael’s influence and looked up to him as a role model. “He once described me as a miniature version of himself. Eventually, I joined him on tour, and I would sit near the stage, soaking in his incredible performances.”

Now, these extraordinary relationships, marked by love and shared experiences, continue to blossom within the Jackson family. Paris, Prince, and Blanket have found comfort in having an “older brother” like Omer, someone who has been there for them through all of life’s ups and downs. The bond between the Jackson siblings showcases the power and beauty of chosen family.