Wheel of Fortune Host Pat Sajak Opens Up About Recent Surgery

Pat Sajak’s Scary Close Call

Host of the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune,” Pat Sajak, recently revealed his experience with emergency surgery for a clogged intestine. In his first interview since the procedure, Sajak confessed to “Good Morning America” that he had feared he might not make it through the surgery.

The agony began in November while Sajak was taking his daughter for a daily stroll. The pain became excruciating within hours, and he soon found himself on the verge of surgery. Lying on the bed in a fetal position, the medications provided little relief. However, a medication given by the doctors brought a sudden change in his experience.

“I could hear my daughter and wife talking in the background, but they seemed miles away,” Sajak shared. “I remember thinking, ‘I guess this must be death.’” Fortunately, Sajak’s fears were unfounded, and the surgery was successful.

A Successful Procedure and a Bright Future

Doctors found no underlying cause for the intestinal blockage and assured Sajak that he doesn’t need to make any drastic changes to his lifestyle. After the surgery, the game show host reported feeling fantastic and was eager to resume his work on “Wheel of Fortune.”

Sajak’s co-host, Vanna White, took over for him during his recovery, leading to playful banter between the two about the possibility of her replacing him permanently. Sajak assured everyone that he still has his wit intact and plans to keep his role on the show for a very long time.

Ryan Seacrest Takes Over as the New Host

Amidst rumors and speculation about the next host of “Wheel of Fortune” after Sajak’s eventual retirement, the answer has finally been revealed. It has been officially announced that Ryan Seacrest will be taking on the role as the new host.

In a statement expressing his gratitude, Seacrest acknowledged Sajak’s legendary status and his immense contribution to the show over the past four decades. Seacrest humbly stated, “I’m truly humbled to be following in the footsteps of the legendary Pat Sajak. For 40 years, Pat and Vanna have brought joy and laughter into our homes every night. As we enter this new chapter, I am excited to learn from Pat and continue the wheel-spinning legacy.”