The Heartbreaking Journey of Frank Fritz: A Story of Love, Loss, and Resilience


Life has a way of throwing unexpected curveballs our way, even for well-known personalities like Frank Fritz. Today, we’ll delve into Frank Fritz’s touching story, one that resonates with the challenges many of us face in our own lives.

Falling in Love

At the age of 25, Frank Fritz met Diann Bankson, the woman who would become his longtime partner. Their relationship had its ups and downs, but they eventually got engaged in 2017. Together, they bought a charming farmhouse in Iowa and dreamt of a future filled with love and happiness.

Heartbreak and Betrayal

Sadly, their love story took a heartbreaking turn in November. Bankson discovered Fritz in bed with another woman, leading to the painful end of their relationship. Reminders of the betrayal, like a tattoo Fritz got saying “Once a cheater, always a cheater,” served as painful reminders of the emotional toll infidelity can bring.

Coping with Loss

To heal from the heartbreak, Fritz turned to alcohol. It was his way of dealing with the pain and loneliness that filled his days. However, the consequences of his coping mechanism were evident in his declining health and weight loss. Fritz realized that drowning his sorrows in alcohol was only prolonging his healing journey.

From TV Stardom to Unemployment

Not only did Fritz suffer emotionally, but he also lost his job as the host of the popular show “American Pickers” on the History Channel. His departure from the show in March 2020 was attributed to health problems, as he underwent back surgery. However, Fritz expressed his desire to return to the program once he had fully recovered.

A Long Road to Recovery

Despite his hopes, Fritz’s return to “American Pickers” seemed uncertain. While a showrunner assured him of a comeback, TMZ reported that there were no concrete plans for his return as a host. Fritz’s journey to recovery, both emotionally and professionally, seemed to be met with obstacles.

Finding A New Beginning

As Fritz navigated through his challenging times, his ex-lover Bankson found solace in a new relationship. She proudly shared her happiness with her new partner, Eric Longlett, on social media. Though Fritz’s heartache continued, he remained focused on his own journey and recovery.

Health Struggles and a Supportive Community

In July 2022, Fritz suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. Thankfully, a friend discovered him and quickly called for help. While his father shared positive updates about his condition, Fritz’s rehabilitation did not proceed as smoothly as expected. He was subsequently placed under guardianship and sent to a nursing home for ongoing care.

In the Hands of Guardianship

Rumors circulated that a longtime friend had been appointed as Fritz’s guardian, with a bank managing his finances as his conservator. In this new phase of his life, his guardian would be responsible for ensuring his overall well-being, including finances, daily care, healthcare needs, and maintaining communication with loved ones.

A Guardian’s Duty

With Fritz’s condition deteriorating, his guardian would be the voice he couldn’t be for himself. They would make vital decisions about his living situation, healthcare, and overall quality of life while encouraging his participation in activities. Regular communication with family and potential companions would also be essential.

A Difficult Journey Ahead

The court recognized the need for a guardian to protect Fritz’s health in the future. It was determined that his current condition required immediate intervention to ensure he avoids immediate harm. The road to recovery would be long, but with the support of his loved ones and well-wishers, Fritz would find the strength to face whatever came his way.


Frank Fritz’s journey is undeniably heartbreaking. We send our deepest wishes for his health and recovery. It’s essential that we rally together as a community, sharing this story with friends and family, so we can all support Fritz in his healing journey.