Discovering the Special Bond of the Jackson Siblings

The Jackson family has always captured the imagination of fans around the world. We’ve admired the musical legacy left behind by the legendary Michael Jackson. But behind the fame and fortune lies a heartwarming story of love and unity among the Jackson siblings.

In a recent episode of her Facebook Watch series, Unfiltered, Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson, opened up about the beautiful bond she shares with her three siblings. And it turns out, there’s another member of the Jackson clan that many didn’t know about – Omer Bhatti.

Meet Omer Bhatti, the Unofficial Jackson Sibling

Omer Bhatti, a 36-year-old Norwegian dancer and rapper, has always been a part of the Jackson family. Many people were surprised to learn that he considers himself an older brother to Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Omer’s connection to the family goes back to when his mother worked as Prince’s nanny. And ever since Paris was a baby, Omer has been there, helping to raise her.

In an interview, Omer expressed his joy at being a part of the Jackson family. “I always wanted younger siblings, and I got them with Prince, Paris, and Blanket. It brought me so much happiness.”

An Unbreakable Bond

The bond between Paris and Omer is truly unbreakable. While sibling disputes are common, Paris and Omer have never had any conflicts. Their love for each other remains unwavering.

Paris shared, “They have my whole heart. Every time we’re together, we feel rejuvenated by our time spent as a family.”

Unique Perspectives

Growing up alongside the Jackson siblings gave Omer a unique perspective into their individual personalities. He observed that Paris was always the rebel, more spirited than her brother Prince. As kids, they were like opposites.

Recognizing this, Omer took it upon himself to guide and educate Paris, just as a big brother would. He noticed that Prince aligned more closely with their father’s teachings, while Paris needed a little extra support.

Miracle Encounters and a Father Figure

Omer’s journey with the Jackson family began when he started performing at just nine years old. It was through this passion that he crossed paths with Michael Jackson. Michael quickly became a father figure and mentor to Omer.

Reflecting on their special connection, Omer shared, “Being on TV and having these appearances subsequently brought me to Michael Jackson. In a sense, he adopted me and took me under his wing.”

Omer saw Michael as his role model and soaked up every lesson and experience. He even had the opportunity to join him on tour, sitting right by his side on stage. It was a dream come true for Omer.

The Power of Chosen Family

Today, the love and shared experiences continue to blossom within the Jackson family. Paris, Prince, and Blanket have found solace in having an “older brother” like Omer. Through thick and thin, Omer has been there for them, offering guidance and support.

This heartwarming story reminds us of the power of chosen family. Sometimes, the strongest bonds are formed not by blood, but through love and shared experiences. And the Jackson siblings exemplify this beautifully.

So, let’s celebrate the extraordinary bond between the Jackson siblings and cherish the chosen family that brings us joy and support in our lives.