Good Morning America Interviews Pat Sajak – Wheel of Fortune Host Reflects on Emergency Surgery

In a recent interview with “Good Morning America”, Pat Sajak, the beloved host of “Wheel of Fortune”, opened up about his experience with emergency surgery for a clogged intestine. The surgery took place a month ago, and Sajak admitted that he had feared he might pass away just before the procedure.

The intense pain began for Sajak in November while he was taking his daughter for their regular daily stroll. Within a few hours, the pain became unbearable, and he found himself on the verge of surgery.

“I was lying on the bed in the fetal position,” Sajak recalled. “They tried various drugs to manage my discomfort, but nothing worked.”

However, after being given a medication by his doctors, Sajak’s anguish was suddenly wiped away. He described seeing “a face coming out of these wonderful hues” and hearing his daughter and wife talking in the background. In that moment, he thought to himself, “I guess this must be death.”

Fortunately, the surgery was successful, and Sajak’s fears of dying were proven baseless. Reflecting on the experience, he humorously remarked, “It turns out I was only stoned.”

The doctors determined that there was no underlying cause for the intestinal blockage, so Sajak does not need to make any significant lifestyle changes. He is feeling fantastic and has already returned to work, hosting “Wheel of Fortune” in the studio once again.

During his recovery, Sajak’s longtime co-host, Vanna White, filled in for him on the show. Sajak jokingly expressed his concern that White might replace him as the main host, saying, “I learned she enjoys hosting, and I’m a little nervous.” However, he reassured everyone that he still has his wits about him and will continue selling vowels for a long time.

The New Host of Wheel of Fortune: Ryan Seacrest

After Pat Sajak’s announcement of retirement from “Wheel of Fortune”, fans eagerly speculated about who his successor would be. Speculations ranged from Vanna White taking over to the possibilities of an unknown face or someone known for their tremendous work ethic. However, the wait is finally over, and it has been officially revealed that Ryan Seacrest will be stepping into the role of the new host.

In a heartfelt statement, Ryan Seacrest expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to succeed Pat Sajak, who has been the host of the syndicated edition of “Wheel of Fortune” since 1983. Seacrest humbly acknowledged Sajak’s tremendous contribution to the show, stating, “I’m truly humbled to be following in the footsteps of the legendary Pat Sajak.”

Seacrest also praised Sajak and his co-host Vanna White for bringing joy and laughter into people’s homes for 40 years. He expressed his admiration for the way Sajak always praised the contestants and made the audience feel at ease. Seacrest looks forward to learning from Sajak during this transition and continuing the wheel-spinning legacy.