Dolly Parton: The Legend Who Won’t Tour Anymore

Dolly Parton, the legendary Tennessee native, has captivated audiences with her performances and music throughout her life. She has amassed a horde of fans who adore her. And while she continues to create new music, the 76-year-old music icon recently announced that she will no longer embark on tours, focusing her time on other endeavors.

A New Chapter in Dolly’s Journey

In a recent interview with Pollystar, Dolly Parton opened up about her decision to step away from touring. She shared, “Occasionally, I still put on one-of-a-kind shows, performing at festivals or during long weekends. But I no longer plan to go on a full-fledged tour.”

Dolly looks forward to dedicating more time to her beloved husband, Carl Thomas Dean, whom she cherishes deeply.

A Love Story That Lasts a Lifetime

Dolly and Carl’s love story began in 1964 when they met in front of the Wishy Washy Laundromat in Nashville, Tennessee. Dolly, then 18 years old, caught Carl’s attention from the very start.

“I’m going to marry that girl,” Carl exclaimed when they first met. Dolly recalls his invitation to a date, mentioning that he “hollered” at her from his pickup truck. However, she declined at first but later invited him out while watching her nephew. And so, their love tale began, which continues to this day.

Dolly and Carl decided to tie the knot in a private ceremony in Ringgold, Georgia, in May 1966. Despite pressure from her record company to postpone their wedding due to her career, the couple didn’t want to wait. They chose Georgia as the venue, ensuring their special day remained private. Only Dolly, Carl, and her mother were present to witness their vows.

A Love That Endures

Dolly and Carl have remained deeply in love throughout the years. In 2016, they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, a remarkable milestone. To commemorate this significant occasion, they chose to renew their vows.

Now, Dolly plans to spend more quality time with her husband. In an interview with Pollstar, she expressed her reasons for slowing down on touring, saying, “I’ve been on the road my whole life; it takes a lot of time and work. I prefer to stay closer to home with my husband.”

Dolly also shared her concern for being away from home for extended periods. As they get older, she wants to be available when her loved ones need her. She wouldn’t want to abandon her fans in case of an emergency or cut a tour short due to family obligations.

Embracing New Musical Styles

Dolly Parton’s musical journey continues to evolve. This year, she was nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In light of this recognition, Dolly plans to classify her most recent musical compositions as rock n’ roll. Her decision is fueled by the fact that her husband is a tremendous hard rock fan.

Dolly is currently working on a new album while reportedly preparing for a Christmas special on NBC. She’s always finding new ways to captivate her audience and bring joy through her music.

Farewell, Dolly!

Dolly, thank you for being incredibly kind to us all these years. Take this time to relax and savor every moment. You have made a lasting impact, and we will remember you forever.