Bradley Cooper’s Feelings About Irina Shayk’s Rumored Romance with Tom Brady

Bradley Cooper, the 48-year-old actor, is reportedly feeling unhappy about the rumored romance between his ex-partner, 37-year-old Russian model Irina Shayk, and 45-year-old NFL legend Tom Brady. Shayk, who was previously in a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, was recently spotted with Brady at his Los Angeles home, sparking speculations of a new connection between them.

Cooper and Shayk began dating in 2015 and have a daughter together named Lea. Despite ending their romantic relationship in 2019, they have maintained a strong bond as co-parents. Earlier this year, there were even hints of a possible reunion as they were seen displaying affection in public.

However, the news of Shayk’s alleged new relationship has left Cooper feeling bothered and conflicted. According to insiders, Cooper deeply cares for Shayk and considers her the mother of their child. He even holds both of them as his two favorite women in the world. With Shayk’s growing connection to Brady, Cooper worries that she may develop strong feelings for the football legend.

Brady is known for being a loving husband, father, and dedicated parent, which raises concerns for Cooper. The stability and reliability that Brady brings to the table make him an ideal long-term partner for Shayk. This realization adds to Cooper’s mixed emotions about the situation.

Interestingly, Brady’s ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, seems to have a different reaction. Reports suggest that she is unfazed by Brady’s new relationship and even sees it as a positive outcome following their divorce earlier this year. She views Brady moving on as an opportunity for her own freedom and personal growth.

Shayk and Brady are said to have first met at the wedding of their mutual friends. While their relationship has not been officially confirmed, it has sparked a great deal of speculation. This rumored romance is the most public display of affection from Brady since his divorce, and it may lead to a happily ever after for Shayk and Brady, much to Cooper’s disappointment.

In conclusion, Bradley Cooper’s feelings about Irina Shayk’s potential romance with Tom Brady reveal his deep care and concern for their relationship, especially as co-parents. The stability and reliability that Brady brings to the table only intensifies Cooper’s mixed emotions about the situation. While Gisele Bündchen sees the new relationship in a positive light, Cooper finds himself bothered and conflicted.