°A large tomato, cut into cubes.

°4 ounces. From 2% sharp cheddar cheese, I chopped it up before using it.

°4 ounces. of nacho Doritos cheese, crushed into bite-size pieces.

°A pound of lean beef.

°Low sodium taco seasoning, I used one small can.

°Iceberg lettuce, we will need a medium head, cut into small pieces.

°Light Catalina/French Dressing, I used a cup.


I started by browning the ground beef, using a medium skillet, breaking up the pieces until brown, stirring with a wooden spoon for a few minutes.

Next, I added the can of taco seasoning over the cooked meat and continued to stir until well combined.

Next, I transferred the chopped lettuce to a large mixing bowl, and added the diced tomatoes, ground beef, and cheddar cheese.

Once it was time to eat, I sprinkled crushed Doritos over the salad, and poured the French dressing over it. I mixed all the ingredients again and served.
This salad can be prepared ahead of time! The secret is to mix everything up in a serving bowl and toss it with a French dressing before serving. Hope you Enjoy it !!