to create and take just a handful of components. As you read on, I’ll walk you through the straightforward process step by step.

Making chocolate peanut butter balls with Rice Krispies is also a fun activity for kids. My own children enjoy rolling the balls and dipping them in the melting chocolate.

Nothing says Christmas like buckeye candy or, even better, peanut butter balls with Rice Krispies. These chocolate-covered candies take the smoothness out of buckeyes and give them a crispy texture that is oh-so-delicious and quenches those sweet and crunchy cravings.

Not to mention that we’re once again combining chocolate and peanut butter. Together, they produce a delectable confection that is difficult to refuse.

Looking for a quick and easy handmade candy? Chocolate Rice Krispies are the best! This recipe requires no baking. The filling is a mixture of crushed Rice Krispies, smooth peanut butter, and powdered sugar. They are then refrigerated after being dipped in melted milk chocolate. I’m confident you’ll appreciate these creamy, delectable handmade peanut butter balls!

12 cup peanut butter is used as an ingredient.
3 tablespoons soft butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup Rice Krispies cereal
12 cup pecans, chopped
1 cup coconut shredded

Chocolate Rice Krispie Balls Recipe
Refrigerate for a half hour or longer before forming into balls. Return to the refrigerator and refrigerate for at least an hour.
In a double boiler, combine the following ingredients:
1 chocolate chip box, 1 square sweet chocolate
Keep on low heat to keep the chocolate soft.
Drop balls into chocolate mixture one at a time, rolling them with a fork to cover with chocolate. Refrigerate on parchment paper. They keep well in the freezer.