Kelly Ripa’s most recent health status update

Kelly Ripa’s fans miss her vibrant hosting abilities on Live with Kelly and Ryan, and her continued illness didn’t go ignored as she missed yet another appearance this week.

Kelly, a mother of three, was temporarily replaced by Jenny Mollen as the show’s host on Friday, leaving viewers wondering when they’d see her again.

Followers of the show on Instagram have recently commented on her absence and asked about the timing of her return in the comments area of the show’s posts. They also thanked the stand-in hosts for their help and praised their chemistry with Ryan Seacrest.

“Perhaps you just have a quirky thing,” Kelly’s doctor said, but it’s evident that it knocked her for a six.

Despite losing her voice earlier in the week, Kelly was able to host the show; sadly, Kelly then went downhill.

The mother of three expressed her displeasure with the circumstances by shooting a selfie inside her New York City apartment. In the photo, she was sitting on the couch, her palm resting on her brow, and she appeared to be in a terrible mood.

Kelly has addressed her gradual loss of voice, telling Ryan Seacrest that it began after she hosted the show on Monday.

“My voice left the building yesterday at about two o’clock,” she explained. “Because of this,” Kelly went on, “Mark [Consuelos] assured me, ‘Don’t worry, all you have to do is nod yes or no. Just nod and gaze at me.’ He then asked, ‘What would you want to eat for dinner?’ which made everyone in the studio laugh.”

Following the show, people flocked to social media to express their concern for the mother of three, urging her to take time off to focus on her health.

“Who is singing, Kelly? What are you going to do to get over this? Get well soon,” one individual advised. “Kelly Ripa’s voice is a mess,” someone remarked. “Girl, get out of here and have some chamomile tea on me,” one person remarked, while another stated, “Today would have probably been one of those days to take off from @KellyRipa. If someone cannot communicate, they should not be presenting a talk show; instead, they should be at home with some hot tea and lemon. Step it up, man!”