A man awakens with little bubbles on his finger; after examining him, medical professionals called the police.

Peter was taken aback when he first noticed the strange holes in his thumb. He had no idea what had caused this or how dangerous it could have been.

But he swiftly realizes. He went to the doctor that afternoon, but when he looked at it, he noticed that the message for Peter was not good.

After determining what was going on, the doctor immediately called the police…

Peter was simply abandoned for no apparent reason. The doctor had run many tests on him, and when he saw the findings, he immediately contacted the police and departed the room, leaving him alone. Peter was starting to panic as he realized how serious this was.

Peter blushed bright red as he realized the doctor had closed the door behind him. He began beating on the door with his entire weight, attempting to break it open. And it gave way after a couple of hits. He was now face to face with the doctors who had imprisoned him…

40-year-old Peter was a single man. He had dated previously, but it had never gone well. He hoped that things would be different this time. He’d spent a large amount of time preparing for the date. He was hoping for the best because it was their first in-person encounter, but not everything would go as planned.

Peter’s thumb was perforated with tiny holes. When he brought his thumb closer to him, he noticed that the holes were digging into his skin. He pressed on it with his other fingers, which made it ache much more. Something was wrong, but what was it?

Peter decided to use tweezers to extricate whatever was in his thumb. He walked to the restroom and grabbed his tweezers but hesitated before digging into his thumb. He had no idea what he was up against. This could make things worse, but he had to act.

The doctor’s office scheduled a semi-emergency appointment for that afternoon. They informed him there would be others ahead of him, but they would see him by the end of the day at the latest. Meanwhile, the doctor told Peter he needed to do something for him.

Peter considered the previous week. He hadn’t done anything out of the ordinary. He went on a hike through the forest a few days ago. He could have touched something out there previously. Perhaps a mushroom or a tainted bit of moss? That could be an option…maybe?

Peter had gone on a date the night before. He’d been communicating with the woman online for a long and had finally decided to go on a date with her. Peter was eager to start dating again. He still hadn’t found his partner and hoped that this date would go well. Things would take an unexpected turn.

The doctor requested tests for Peter and scrutinized his thumb intently as they waited for the findings. The funny thing was that Peter no longer felt any discomfort. His entire thumb was numb. When the doctor pressed on it, it didn’t even hurt. This was a horrible omen.

The doctor kept looking at Peter’s thumb, and when the initial findings came in, he was dismayed. The tests he’d requested had yielded no results. He could have done more, but he required Peter’s permission. It would take up a lot of Peter’s time. What would he do?

Peter agreed to the examinations, and after a battery of testing, it was determined that a plant was responsible for everything. After extensive searches, the authorities kept everyone off the route and discovered a plant that was not native to the area. It was tested and determined to be the source of Peter’s condition. It was removed and disposed of. There haven’t been any more cases subsequently, and Peter was feeling better and ready to go on dates again within a month.