The most amazing thing happened in Ohio.

22-year-old Jeff Louis decided to live independently of his parent’s financial support. In Ohio, he works in a pizzeria. One day, after completing an order, he received the surprise of his life.

Jeff would normally arrive at work at noon every day, but one day he was called earlier than usual.

The young man received a request to deliver something near a church. There, the 22-year-old was met with considerable astonishment. When he got to the place, he was encouraged to enter and personally deliver the pizza to the priest. The man agreed though he felt it was extremely uncommon. But what happened next rendered him stunned.

“Something great happened to me. “Everyone in the church came to me and handed me over $ 700,” Jeff said, his eyes welling up with emotions.

Jeff was moved by what happened to him and chose to tell his tale in a film. Thousands of people were moved by his narrative.

The man said, “The most incredible event happened today.”

Few people are aware of Jeff’s drug addiction and present rehabilitation treatment. With a weak voice, he thanks everybody who helped and supported him in starting a new life in the video.

“Trying to make a living has been difficult for me lately. The fact that strangers wanted to help me at whatever cost astounds me.”