She was constantly criticized by her mother

Jennifer Aniston (50), a well-known actress and attractive lady now, had a tough upbringing with a mother who frequently reprimanded her and created major traumas. Jennifer’s mother, Nancy Dow, who is also an actress, struggled to raise a young child despite her best attempts.

Jennifer Aniston has always been aware of her parents’ increasing marriage troubles, eventually leading to their divorce. She remained in the care of her mother, who continually scolded her and pointed out her physical flaws, such as her eyes being too far apart, her nose being too large, and the few pounds she had gained during puberty.

Jennifer also grew up believing that she was “ugly” because she struggled in school and struggled to fit in with the group owing to a lack of confidence. Despite living with her, she couldn’t physically or intellectually resemble her mother.

Jennifer relied on her mother’s unpredictable behavior because she did not have a close relationship with her father. When Jen reacted angrily to her mother’s words, Nancy laughed in her face, teaching the young lady to be quiet and accept criticism in silence.

Jennifer Aniston quickly discovered that her reading disorder, dyslexia, which prevented her from fully interpreting written information, was the root of her academic issues. She realized she wasn’t as bad as she had assumed, and she began to wonder if her mother’s opinions of her were correct.

Jen began to feel more confident after gaining her first job in Hollywood, particularly after getting a nose job. Her mother, on the other hand, was not pleased. Jennifer Aniston’s happiness was tainted by conversations with her mother, who continued to criticize her in public. Jen decided she would never speak to her mother again as her classmates, particularly Courtney Cox surrounded her. She did not attend Brad Pitt’s wedding.

After years of therapy, the traumas receded, and Jennifer now believes that, despite the obstacles, growing up with her mother helped her become the resilient person she is today. “My mother spoke to me this way because she loved me and wanted the best for me. She didn’t try to be cruel; she just didn’t realize the pain she inflicted on me would only be relieved after years of therapy.” Jennifer Aniston stated that her upbringing is why she is the way she is.