Eric Christian Olsen net worth, family and story

Eric Christian Olsen became well-known after appearing in NCIS: Los Angeles. The 44-year-old actor, who has portrayed Marty Deeks on the program for 12 years, has revealed that it can be difficult to stay out of character.

Olsen and his wife, Sarah Wright, have three children in addition to their role on NCIS: Los Angeles.

Though he may not appear to be the fittest or most trained man on the earth, new photographs of him out on a walking paint a very different picture.

Eric Christian Olsen was born in Eugene, Oregon, on May 31, 1977. Eric’s father, an English professor, used to tell him stories as a child, which sparked his love of storytelling.

Despite being born in Oregon, Eric was raised in Bettendorf, Iowa. He grew up loving sports and was a part of the local hockey team as a child.

Eric also appeared in several school plays. Despite not having much of a problem, his mother, Jeanne, said he was good at getting out of things he didn’t want to do.

“If he didn’t like something, like a class or a lesson, he figured out how to persuade the teacher to say, ‘I think you should pull him out of this,’” the teacher explains.

Music was very important to Olsen. In fourth grade, he performed in a school musical. His mother, Jeanne, had no idea her kid could sing. Therefore, the experience was utterly unexpected for his parents.

Eric was unique, as his mother had insisted. After graduating high school, he opted to relocate to Los Angeles to pursue another passion.

Surprisingly, he did not act in his fantasy. Olsen instead attended Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, on a 75% scholarship in 1998. Naturally, he needed to find out how to pay for the other 25%, which is when he thought of making advertisements.

Soon after landing smaller advertising, Olsen was cast in a variety of lesser television and film roles. These were 22 Get Real episodes and one ER episode in 1999 and 2000. Eric shot to fame the next year when he appeared in the classic film Pearl Harbor.

Olsen was 19 years old and had only $300 in his pocket. Actors frequently receive residual checks, payments made after a film is released on DVD or another platform. Of course, Pearl Harbor was a big success, making Olsen’s life a little easier.

Eric was immediately at ease with contributing to his schooling. As a result, he fell in love with acting while attending Pepperdine University. He obtained his diploma in 2007. Eric believes that a strong education is vital for aspiring entertainers as well.

In the 2010 television series NCIS Los Angeles, Eric played Marty Deeks. After seven years of broadcasting the original NCIS series starring Mark Harmon, the creators decided it was time to venture into new territory.

Eric, Chris O’Donnell, Linda Hunt, and LL Cool J all became celebrities overnight. The actor, born in Oregon, has appeared in 265 episodes of the famous show.

As previously stated, Olsen attended culinary school while still in college. When NCIS Los Angeles first aired, he was an actress by day and a Le Cordon Bleu wannabe chef by night.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Eric’s net worth is currently around $13 million.

Entering character is one of the most crucial things for any actor to master. As a result, some performers make great efforts to assist with the process, even “becoming” their characters months before filming begins.

The breaking character was the most difficult part for Eric, who has played a cop on NCIS Los Angeles for many years.

According to Eric, it was almost as if he had transformed into a police officer, which became obvious in one instance when his program preparation came in helpful in real life.

“I’m taking the ten freeway. I’m in the far left lane when a black, windowless van speeds by me on the side lane corner and collides with the Porsche in front of me, taking out their mirror. From my automobile, I could hear the woman cry.”

Eric has risen to prominence due to his appearances on NCIS Los Angeles. It also turns out that his position on the popular show has turned into a family affair.

He plays Marty Deeks in films and is married to Daniela Ruah’s character Kensi Blye. Ruah and David Olsen are in-laws despite their on-screen relationship because Ruah is David’s wife.

There will be kissing in an on-screen romance. Daniela admits it can be awkward because she is dating his brother in the series.

Professional performers like Olsen and Ruah don’t mind having a love relationship on film.

Even though it’s part of their job, one can understand David feeling weird about his brother kissing his wife. In reality, he’s sympathetic.

While working on the comedy The Loop in 2006, he met his future wife, Sarah Wright. Sarah is an accomplished actress in several films and television shows.

Eric said he initially thought she was chosen for the part because of her “extremely gorgeous” looks rather than her talent.

In 2012, the couple married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Wyatt, their son, was born a year later. Sarah and Eric then welcomed a daughter named Esme in 2016.

In September 2020, the couple announced the birth of their third child, a Winter Story daughter.

“One advantage of heavy workouts during the pandemic is that you will have the strength to huck your children higher into the sky…”

Isn’t that the ultimate purpose of responsible parenting?” Olsen shared a photo of himself and his daughter Esme on Instagram.

Eric Christian Olsen has won the heart of the NCIS Los Angeles audience. I hope he continues to be on the show for a long time. His family is wonderful, and we wish them all the best in the future.

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