A young girl was encircled by 14 dogs. What happens next is a wonderful thing

Because humans and dogs have similar brains, they have historically made the greatest friends.

Amazing brain similarities between humans and dogs have been found, which may be one of the causes for this interspecies understanding that has existed for more than 30,000 years between people and dogs.

According to research, dogs and humans respond to speech that expresses emotions in the same way and have the same brain regions for this process.

This is how the remarkable bond between a little child and a large group of German dogs is explained in the film. The young child is having a blast while playing with the 14 dogs, making the video popular online.

The movie offers an alternative viewpoint to the widely-held notion that these canines are dangerous and aggressive around young children.

Referring back to the study, the findings imply that dogs display affection for us for motives similar to ours, such as social comfort or interpersonal ties, rather than only to get food from us.

Previous studies conducted by American researchers at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, have demonstrated that dogs and people both have brain regions associated with joy.

What dog owners have long intuitively known to be true—that their canine companions experience love and devotion—is now supported by this study.