The paralyzed wife saw her husband sneak into the garage every night.

Even before they married, Brad and Liz imagined a wonderful life together. They had everything they could ever want.

They had similar ideals, beliefs, and life goals.

Unfortunately, three months before their wedding, a terrible catastrophe occurred that changed their lives forever.

Brad and Liz’s automobile, which they were traveling with their three boys, blew out the front left tire.

The car swerved off the road and flipped as a result of their loss of control.

Brad, fortunately, only suffered a fractured leg, while the other three children sustained minor injuries. Liz, on the other hand, fractured her back and was paralyzed from the waist down as a result of the situation.

Brad, a war veteran, has witnessed horrific disasters in the past, but he was unprepared to witness his own wife suffer such catastrophic injuries.

Liz, a strong lady, struggled to adjust to her new wheelchair existence, especially because hiking was one of the family’s main interests.

Brad designed a strategy to help her through the most difficult terrain once again, because he didn’t want her to feel abandoned or unable to follow her love.

He was locked up in the garage for three months, trying and failing, but his patience paid off in the end.

He created an all-terrain vehicle resembling a tank.

Liz ultimately made it into the garage and discovered her husband’s wonderful surprise for her.

She was astounded and pleased.

Brad started making these equipment for injured soldiers on the front lines after his wife discovered how essential this tank seat is!

What a kind heart he has! His narrative should be told to everyone. You have nothing to lose by spreading the word about this wonderful act!