Nick Cannon is being brought to the hospital and could use our prayers.

At the moment, Nick Cannon is receiving treatment for pneumonia in a hospital.

The “The Masked Singer” presenter, who also has lupus, recently posted pictures of himself on Instagram lying in a hospital bed while using a face mask, a beanie, and a robe.

“Okay, so I guess I’m not Superman,” he added to the post after realizing his mistake. “I vowed to myself that I would never come back to this location.”

In contrast, the father of 11 children said that he had learned the “wonderful lesson” that “you must take care of YOU or YOU will not be able to take care of everyone else.”

Cannon pleaded with those who were rooting for him, “Don’t trip, I don’t need any well wishes or prayers, just some solid rest, and I will be back on the road to becoming stronger than I’ve ever been.”

Following that, he tweeted, “It’s merely pneumonia, nothing I can’t manage,” to inform his Twitter followers of the issue.

“There is no denying that life is a wild ride! “#LupusWarrior,” he said. “It’s surreal to think that only the night before we performed in front of thousands of people at Madison Square Garden’s sold-out event, and now I’m sitting here alone in a cramped hospital room.”

On Thursday, Cannon performed at Madison Square Garden in New York City as part of his Wild ‘N Out tour.

As he gets close to having Alyssa Scott, their second kid together, who would be his 12th child, Cannon is admitted to the hospital. Zen’s brain tumor caused his death in December 2021 at the age of just 5 months.

With his ex-wife Mariah Carey, he also has twins named Moroccan and Monroe, sons named Golden Sagon and Rise Messiah, daughters named Powerful Queen and Beautiful Zeppelin, twins named Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir, a son named Legendary Love with Bre Tiesi, and a daughter named Onyx Ice Cole with LaNisha Cole.

Cannon previously said he “had no idea” whether he will have any more kids.

At the Billboard Live: R&B/Hip-Hop Power Players event, he chatted with Tetris Kelly of Billboard News, and during their conversation, he revealed that he is “happy right now” about the size of his family.

Cannon responded, “Man, I don’t know,” when asked if there would be any other births. “I’m not certain. Right now, I feel like I’m doing very well.”