While getting married in church, she received a call, and she left right away without saying anything!

While getting married in church, she received a call, and she departed right away! When he discovered where she had gone, the groom immediately forgave her! This woman accomplished a remarkable thing.

The bride’s photo, in which she looks to be dashing down the street, soon went viral after her mother posted it on Facebook. The backstory has a nice ending despite being surprising.

American paramedic from Tennessee, Sarah Ray, is the bride. She was overcome with emotion as she tied the knot with Paul in front of the altar since it was a moment she would never forget.

Nevertheless, she received a call that she will never forget.

Her father and her grandfather had been involved in a car accident close to the church. The bride discovered what had happened and left the wedding right away.

Sarah, who was still dressed in her bridal gown, was surely appreciative to God for having given her the wisdom to switch out her high heels for ballerinas earlier. She began to run toward the incident.

The fact that her father and grandma were both healthy allowed them to resume the postponed ceremony, which brought her relief.

She stated that she left the church and her own wedding because she is a paramedic, works on an ambulance, and her main goal is something she will never forget in a subsequent interview. She will still be prepared to save lives after getting married.

Sarah, we admire you! How many others would have acted similarly?