Their lives have never been the same since seeing the wedding photos.

This is Emma and her husband’s story during their time together. They realized their lives will never be the same again after going through their wedding images.

Emma, 33, recently married her longtime boyfriend, Justin Cotillard. The newlyweds were ecstatic about their upcoming honeymoon and had big preparations for it.

The tragic reality is that their dreams will quickly turn into nightmares, and their lives will be irreversibly changed.

Justin began yelling at Emma, criticizing her, and eventually asking her to leave his house one morning. Later, he apologized for his actions.

Emma was seven months pregnant when she had an emotional reaction to her husband’s conduct because the pregnancy was causing her a lot of stress. Emma was overcome with emotion as a result of her pregnancy.

But this was only the beginning; things quickly deteriorated from there.

“He had forgotten that I was pregnant and expecting our first child together,” Emma reported that he looked to have mistaken her for a stranger.

Justin was only 29 years old, but given the circumstances, the severity of his symptoms far outweighed his years. The newlyweds made the difficult decision to cancel their honeymoon and instead go to the hospital.

Following a thorough examination, it was discovered that Justin has a highly aggressive and cancer-causing tumor on his brain. His doctors advised him that he does not have much time left to live—no more than two years—and that his prognosis is bleak.

The news surprised the young couple, but they knew they had to keep their cool and work together if Justin was to have a relationship with his child.

Justin began his therapy on the day Emma gave birth to their daughter Mia, which meant he couldn’t be with his wife. But the disease was spreading quickly, and all of their aspirations and ambitions were falling in front of them. “The doctors predicted that my spouse would die within two weeks of returning home.”

Justin died after 12 days, leaving behind a baby girl who would grow up without a father and a grieving widow. His daughter will be raised without a parent.

Everything ended abruptly, and no one could do anything to stop the tumor from developing.

“If you look at the images from the wedding, you’ll see that the right half of his face is a little lower.”

Emma decided to make her experience public in the hopes that it may encourage others to seek immediate medical assistance if they notice any symptoms that resemble cancer.

Everyone can learn something from Emma’s tragedy; lives can be extended and saved if the tumor is identified at an early stage.

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