The husband watches as his wife is removed from life support, but she turns around and cries, “Get me out of here!”

The most difficult decision a person may ever make is whether to take a loved one from life support when the diagnosis is bad.

Ryan Finley was forced to make this decision after his wife Jill went into a coma.

Ryan discovered her unconscious and unresponsive. He dashed toward her before the paramedics came, doing everything he could to help her regain consciousness.

Even though he knew the chances of success were slim, he performed CPR and prayed.

Jill’s heart was weak and her breathing was difficult, but paramedics were able to revive her.

She was soon transported to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital and placed in a suit that reduced her body temperature in order to prevent the harm to her oxygen-deprived brain. Unfortunately, she went into a coma.

Ryan would pray every day. Even as the days turned into weeks and he was told Jill had no chance, he never gave up hope. Then he was asked to consider allowing the medical professionals to switch off her life support.

He wrote about that day in his diary, and his comments are, to put it gently, sad.

“Today might be the worst day of my life.” “In essence, I have to decide whether she will die or not,” Ryan wrote.

He made the decision after putting himself in Jill’s shoes and decided that she would not want to live her life in that manner.

Jill was still there when the machine was turned off and the entire family said their goodbyes. The physicians predicted that she would not die immediately because she was in the midst of her “final rally.”

At that particular moment, Jill began rambling. She told her husband to get her out of there and take her to Ted’s or Melting Pot, two of her favorite Mexican restaurants, much to the surprise of her husband, who was in the middle of a terrible heartbreak.

Ryan was certain that his loved one would survive, no matter how ridiculous it looked. He was also correct. Jill had heart surgery, followed by recovery and independent breathing.

Jill stated that she had no recollection of her time in the coma, but she had difficulty with her short-term memory and pronouncing some phrases.

Aside from that, she was in good health and ready to take advantage of the second chance that God had given her.

The couple is thankful that their romance is still going strong. “We appreciate every day, every minute, and every hour,” Jill remarked. “Not because we didn’t already, but it puts things in perspective.”

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